Tiny House Roadtrippin’ for a Purpose

Tiny House Expedition Travels to Document the Revolutionary Tiny House Movement

Alexis Stephens (that's me!) and Christian Parsons are filmmakers, tiny house dwellers and and perhaps the most traveled tiny house couple. Together we are on an extraordinary journey with a purpose across North America with their DIY tiny home wheels. We have logged over 27,000 miles across 27 states over two years. This is our Tiny House Expedition, a traveling documentary and community outreach project. We’re traveling to document the people, the pioneering culture and the community experience of this dynamic movement that is redefining home and the American Dream.

We are zig-zagging across the United States and Canada with our tiny home in tow, parking wherever we can and making friends. But most importantly, we are sharing the stories of how this movement is creating more sustainable housing, more meaningful lifestyles and more connected communities.

This video is a glimpse into our epic road trip with a purpose...

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Ron Pickle - June 9, 2017 Reply

Wow! wow! and some more wow! Hats off to these two passionate people Alex and Chris. They have styled also their mobile van as a beautiful house, I am sure this would have made them instantly a part of any community and how many they would have been a part of during the course of these two years and 27,000 miles!!!!!

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