School Bus Conversion to Tiny Home

After quitting my job and selling everything, I’m road tripping 49 states as a daily #vanlife travel vlogger. Over 4 months, I converted a retired school bus into a pimped out reclaimed wood skoolie. A “tiny house” on wheels, named “Dan the Adventure Bus!” I’m investing my life savings into making a career out of traveling full-time and sharing my #buslife adventure vlogs with you! I believe in positive thinking, and empowering yourself by saying yes your dreams, instead of working for someone else’s dream.

The bus is 2003 #450 7.3L Diesel, 5 window, Dually I bought for $5k!

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Thanks Jax Austin

2 thoughts on “School Bus Conversion to Tiny Home”

  1. This is really amazing, converting a school bus into a tiny home! I loved the picture showing you parked near a beautiful stream and you chilling out. A true labor of love.

  2. We are working on one currently, having a difficult time finding insurance, can you email me who your insurance company is please


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