Drew’s Tiny Snowmobile Camper

If you live in most of the U.S. you probably have had more than enough of snow. Sorry, but there is one more snow-related item we need to discuss: a tiny snowmobile camper. Drew of Drew Builds Stuff converted a bike camper into a snowmobile camper. You heard that right. We’ve seen tiny campers towed by cars, by motorcycles, and even by bikes. Heck, we’ve even seen campers towed out onto a frozen lake for ice fishing. Drew of the YouTube channel, Drew Builds Stuff, …

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Radica: A Small Business Built with Tiny Changes

Radica MoonLander

This month’s issue of Tiny House Magazine features a story of the MoonLander truck topper by Radica, a Denver-based design company. The MoonLander story itself is well worth a read, but what is interesting is how Radica was established. Founded by Luke Bushek, Radica comes from Luke’s idea of wanting to feature “rad stuff made in America”. Radica’s MoonLander is a truck camper that breaks out of the traditional mold. After a not-so-stellar experience in a heavy popup camper and a standard truck topper, Luke …

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GoSun Camp 365 an Off-Grid Camper for Solar Off-Grid Camping

GoSun Camp 365

I had planned to write about the GoSun Camp 365 several months ago. GoSun however asked me to wait as it was not yet in production. It is now available. I personally love this concept. If the price for me wasn’t an issue I’d order one right now. This is a lightweight towable tiny living space that is off-grid capable and almost totally self-sufficient. The world’s first off-grid cabin on wheels. Perhaps the ultimate tiny house. Ultra-light and streamlined, it unfolds into an open space …

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Vintage Airstream to Beautiful Tiny Home in 2 Months


Allison and James are two adventurous tiny home dwellers from opposite sides of the world (Newfoundland and Australia). They met while working at a remote health care center on an island in the Pacific Northwest and have been living an adventure-based lifestyle together in tiny dwellings ever since. Home on land and sea Currently, their home on wheels is a vintage Airstream that they converted completely themselves with minimal building experience. They also live part-time in their home with sails and during the summer months …

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Living in a Bean Teardrop Trailer

Bean Stock Teardrop

I had the privilege of going to Overland Expo Pacific Northwest in Redmond, Oregon on July 10, 2022. I wanted to check out a few overloading-type campers that would potentially work for living tiny off-grid, etc. One company I have been following and am very impressed with is the Bean Teardrop company. I liked what I had seen via their website and on youtube videos and wanted to see if their teardrop lived up to it. A teardrop is extremely small for full-time living, but …

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HC1 Studio is Camping Luxury in a Tiny Package

HC1 Studio camper

The original HC1 by Happier Camper not only brought the classic fiberglass camper back to the road, but has put a totally new twist on the egg shape. In addition, the demand for this diminutive trailer prompted the company to expand on their popular style with the new HC1 Studio. The new HC1 Studio trailer has what customers have been clamoring for. Now, if you have the money for the camper (it starts at $49,950) you will receive what has been missing in the original …

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Handmade Endgame Campers Blends Functionality and Art

Endgame Campers truck camper

No matter what size tiny house you have, what you lack in space, you may find in safety and security. Dave Mason of Endgame Campers might just say it best: “My camper gives me some sense of personal economic security. I always know that I own it and I can fix it, and worst-case scenario, I always have someplace to live.” Learn more about Dave Mason and his campers in the May issue of the Tiny House Magazine. Mason’s homemade truck camper is one of …

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DIY Tiny Bus House by Modern Builds

Modern Builds Tiny Bus House

Design used to be a lot more out-of-reach for the masses. You either had to have a lot of money to afford high-end designer goods, or have the skills and know-how to create something yourself. Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds converted a school bus into a colorful tiny house. This is what is so great about the maker lifestyle. These DIYers are not only creating interesting designs, but they also encourage everyone to become a designer with minimal skills and tools. YouTubers such as Ben …

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The 1970s Return with the Toyota TacoZilla

There are several reasons why the Toyota Tacoma is sold more often than the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon combined. Reliability, dependability, and re-sale value rank at the top, but customization should be high on the list as well. Especially with the ability to add lightweight custom campers into or onto the truck bed. The Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling mid-size truck. With a payload of around 1,100 lb. Taco owners can add small truck campers such as the Kimbo or a popup such …

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Rivian Adventure Package Offers Off-Grid, All-Electric Overland Living

The original tiny house folks had a little more foresight than the average person. It takes guts and grit to do a complete 180 against the norm and try to live a different way. The Rivian R1T is going beyond the electric truck into adventure vehicle territory. While tiny houses are now part of that norm, we are starting to see the same foresight in other industries. Once of these industries is the electric vehicle industry. From Tesla to Ford, these companies are doing their …

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Why I’m highly skeptical (yet intrigued) by rooftop tents

The first time I saw a rooftop tent in action was at Valley of Fire State Park near Las Vegas. A young, newly married couple (“Just Married” was marked in white on their vehicle) had set up camp near our site in their SUV/rooftop tent combo. The tent was deployed and they were outside enjoying the afternoon with drinks. Rooftop tents are typical in places where it’s inconvenient or dangerous to sleep on the ground. If you have ever been to the southern Nevada desert, …

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Lucky in the UK: Towed Industries Atlas Tourer

The people of the United Kingdom have long had a wonderful selection of campers and trailers (known as caravans) available to them. These lightweight and stylish options are finally being duplicated somewhat in the U.S. However, we may have to wait a bit longer for this awesome camper. The Atlas Tourer is a travel trailer built from composite materials. For over a decade, the TripBuddy company has been producing a sleek and beautifully designed travel trailer. The trailer comes in two axle versions and one …

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