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Vintage Airstream to Beautiful Tiny Home in 2 Months


Allison and James are two adventurous tiny home dwellers from opposite sides of the world (Newfoundland and Australia). They met while working at a remote health care center on an island in the Pacific Northwest and have been living an adventure-based lifestyle together in tiny dwellings ever since.

Home on land and sea

Currently, their home on wheels is a vintage Airstream that they converted completely themselves with minimal building experience. They also live part-time in their home with sails and during the summer months can be found cruising up and down the Pacific Coast in their 30-foot Catalina sailboat.

All about the Airstream

The Airstream is a 1968 Airstream Overlander. It’s a 26-foot trailer from the tongue to the tail, and the physical size of the actual living space of the trailer is about 22 1/2 feet from the front head to the rear, and encompasses about seven feet wide, making up 160 square feet of livable space. And it weighs in at about four and a half tons, I believe. It’s the dual-axle trailer. And really, it’s pretty quite simple in terms of how it’s all set up.

Where to Park?

We actually found the parking pad before we even landed on what we would be living in. So that was really, we were really happy about that because it was so tough to find a place to park.

The Cost:

  • Paid $8,000 for rundown Airstream
  • $25,000 on supplies
  • 2 months to build

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In This Episode:

  • Developing a taste for life in motion
  • Have you ever heard of too much storage in a tiny home?
  • The surprising reason they chose fiberglass for the shower
  • Working full-time while building
  • How to get started when you have no building experience

Links and Resources:

airstream interior 1

Allison and James both love to cook, so they knew they needed a large kitchen

kitchen 2

That stove probably comes in handy during winter in British Columbia!

the table

The table can swivel around and detach to maximize use of the space

indoor bathroom

An indoor bathroom was an upgrade for them!

kitchen sink

An indoor bathroom was an upgrade for them!

closet and bed

They found themselves with too much storage space


The Airstream still has the original insulation in the walls


James made the drawer and cabinet pulls out of leather

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