Drew’s Tiny Snowmobile Camper

If you live in most of the U.S. you probably have had more than enough of snow. Sorry, but there is one more snow-related item we need to discuss: a tiny snowmobile camper.

Drew of Drew Builds Stuff converted a bike camper into a snowmobile camper.

You heard that right. We’ve seen tiny campers towed by cars, by motorcycles, and even by bikes. Heck, we’ve even seen campers towed out onto a frozen lake for ice fishing.

Drew of the YouTube channel, Drew Builds Stuff, recently converted his bike camper into a camper that can be towed by his snowmobile for winter camping. Granted, Drew is based in Canada, so the investment into this camper can be spread out at least over six months.

The camper has a twin bed, a storage drawer, and small interior shelf.

His latest video shows how he built the sled portion of the camper to replace out the “summer” wheels. He also custom built a tiny parafin stove for the camper. The heat exchanger fan for the heater runs off a portable battery pack. He custom welded a tow hitch to attach to his snowmobile.

Drew also built a paraffin “woodstove” for heat.

Drew built the original camper with lightweight foam and fiberglass. It has a traditional teardrop shape and weighs only 135 lbs. Drew tows it with his ebike. The camper even has a little solar panel on the roof connected to a Bluetti power station with its own storage cabinet.

The original camper weighs around 135 lbs.

While not everyone will have the tools or skills to accomplish this type of project, it sure is fun following along with someone who can and does.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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