GoSun Camp 365 an Off-Grid Camper for Solar Off-Grid Camping

I had planned to write about the GoSun Camp 365 several months ago. GoSun however asked me to wait as it was not yet in production. It is now available.

I personally love this concept. If the price for me wasn’t an issue I’d order one right now.

This is a lightweight towable tiny living space that is off-grid capable and almost totally self-sufficient.

The world’s first off-grid cabin on wheels.

Perhaps the ultimate tiny house. Ultra-light and streamlined, it unfolds into an open space complete with all the appliances you need to adventure further, and more often.

GoSun Camp365 is a versatile vehicle, towed with virtually any car, including EVs because it’s unbelievably streamlined and lightweight. This is the ultimate solar-powered off-grid RV solution so you are not tied to shore power and crowded campgrounds. GoSun Camp 365 takes just five minutes to turn into an off-grid cabin. With living areas indoors and out, it’s complete with all the appliances you want and need: cooking, refrigeration, off-grid power, kitchen sink, hot shower, and more.

Compact, Lightweight, and Easy to

The all aluminum frame provides durability while weighing less than 1,800 lbs. Superb aerodynamics mean less drag and much better gas mileage.

towing Cabin 365

Aerodynamic and compact

Designed with efficiency in mind to save on storage and gas mileage, the GoSun Camp 365 has the best space to weight ratio on the market. At a weight less than 1,800 lbs and a total collapsed height of 6′ 8″ – it can easily be stowed in a garage. Tow with virtually any vehicle with a Class 1 hitch.

Cabin 365

Solar Energy Independence

A one of a kind off-grid cabin on wheels, completely integrated with GoSun’s breakthrough solar products. Innovative design and super efficient appliances allow you to go much further than traditional campers and RV’s.

power diagram

Built to Last, and Last

Lifetime cost of ownership is much lower when you are saving costs on maintenance, fuel, storage, and campground fees. High tech materials remove decay from the equation while the closed camper is sealed from the elements.


  • Cabin interior max length: 8′ 5″
  • Cabin interior max width: 11′ 8″
  • Cabin interior max height: 7′ 6″

Current Price: $34,250

Get all the details here.

group in front of Cabin 365

bed in cabin

Camp 365

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