Tiny Houses and Murphy Beds

When you choose to downsize into a tiny house space is your biggest issue. In most tiny homes a loft is added for a bedroom. However, this is not convenient if you are older and don’t want to climb up and down stairs during the night.

Even if you decide to keep a loft for your own bedroom having guests can pose a problem as there is no place to have them sleep.

That is where a Murphy bed will complement a tiny home.

Since William Lawrence Murphy came up with the idea for the fold-out wall bed around 1900 in San Francisco, his eponymously-named invention has become synonymous with space-saving. Murphy bed technology has improved vastly since its invention more than a century ago. They are not only stylish but also take the concept of multifunctional rooms to new heights.

This is why so many people living the tiny house lifestyle opt for installing Murphy beds. Like the homes themselves, the wall beds exemplify innovative design.

queen lori bed

One Murphy bed option is the Lori Bed.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Real Wood – made from 100% real wood and Real Quality Construction
  • Real Functionality, Innovation and Design -Unassisted design, Adjustable headboard and Functional shelving when the bed is in the upright position. ( Only Murphy bed in the industry with the Innovative Design!
  • Real Easy – Assembly – Customer Service and In Stock ready for shipping.
  • Assembly – Smooth and painless assembly – all you’ll need are a screwdriver, a rubber mallet, a wrench, a stud finder, and a common drill to mount the murphy bed cabinet to the wall. We designed the Lori Bed without a spring-assist mechanism, which removes the risk of accidental closure.
  • Customer Service – online help support if you need it
  • In Stock and ready for shipping no waiting or blackout periods
  • Real Sustainability -It is important to note that we are a climate-positive company – your purchase will directly support our dedicated contributions to the reforestation of our beautiful planet. Since May 2016, we’ve been partnered with the Eden Reforestation Project to replant forests in some of the most heavily impacted parts of the world. Through this partnership, we plant 10 trees for each order you place. Over the years, this has resulted in us replanting over 17 acres of forest in Kenya, and our impact keeps growing daily!
  • Real Reviews – 20,000+ Happy Customers
  • Real Value – Because of our innovative design, we are able to offer our customers the safest, highest quality space-saving Murphy Bed at the most reasonable price for your tiny house.
  • Real Solution for your tiny house

Following are some examples of Murphy beds used in tiny houses.

Cornerstone Tiny Home

This model features a downstairs bedroom, complete with a Murphy bed, which folds up to leave space for a table. The size of the bathroom is a shocker considering the dimensions. The experts at GoDownSize went inside for a tour in this YouTube video.

Seabrook Tiny House

Seabrook tiny home

(Credit: Handcrafted Movement)

The 28-foot Seabrook Tiny House built by Handcrafted Movement and was featured on Tiny House Talk, Uses a Murphy bed that pulls double duty. The Murphy bed folds up and has a fold-out dining table.

5th Wheel Tiny House

The home features a queen-size Murphy bed that when folded up doubles as a built-in TV unit with closet storage flanking either side.

Van Conversion

Tiny House Giant Journey is a wealth of tiny home design inspiration. In this video tour, Jenna takes viewers inside a stunningly redone van that features a masterfully concealed and incredibly comfy looking Murphy bed set up.

Australian Tiny House

Australian tiny house

This 21-foot unit is located in Australia. Dubbed “The Beach Shack” model, this tiny home features a fold-up Murphy bed and even has a built-in outdoor space that travels with the movable home. Was featured on Tiny House Talk.

Berkeley Tiny House

Quaint and cozy, this 200-square-foot tiny home boasts two-bedrooms and one-bath. Featured on Living In A Tiny House, the homeowners made the most of the space by using a Murphy bed.

The Highland Home

Highland Tiny Home

The Highland Home by Incredible Tiny Home is a rustic-chic oasis.

The unit comes equipped with a queen-size Murphy bed, plus a loft area that can be used as a second bedroom or for storage.

Murphy beds are an amazing solution for making a lot out of a little. Be sure and check out Lori Beds which are made of solid wood and here in America.

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