Handmade Endgame Campers Blends Functionality and Art

No matter what size tiny house you have, what you lack in space, you may find in safety and security. Dave Mason of Endgame Campers might just say it best:

“My camper gives me some sense of personal economic security. I always know that I own it and I can fix it, and worst-case scenario, I always have someplace to live.”

Learn more about Dave Mason and his campers in the May issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

Dave Mason truck camper
Photos courtesy of Dave Mason

Mason’s homemade truck camper is one of several iterations of the same design he has been creating over the past few years. He was inspired by a cedar wood camper he saw online and a few trips to the hardware store. Mason has been turning more than a few heads with his unique designs complete with fun details in the shapes of Sasquatch and howling coyotes.

His handmade campers feature stock wood and cedar fencing.

His campers are made of stock framing wood, cedar fencing, and reclaimed materials. The interiors feature ready-to-use 12-volt coolers, portable battery banks, and room to sleep him and his family. Each camper is fully insulated against the desert sun and wind.

While it looks like these campers require hours of planning and tons of sketches, that’s not the case with Mason’s.

“There is not a sheet of paper in my garage. I build them all in my mind, taking the experience of all my other builds and what I can do next. I enjoy seeing the vision of my mind take shape. It’s a meditative process.”

Mason builds his campers with no plans or drawings.

If you are interested in owning an Endgame Camper, Mason has one currently for sale. This 1,500 lb. camper took over 300 hours to build and can be towed by an SUV or placed onto a smaller truck. It sleeps up to two adults or one adult and two children. It includes a pull out kitchen, cedar cabinets, 400 watts of solar, and and AC unit that runs off a solar generator (not included). If you are interested, contact Mason via his YouTube channel or Instagram below.

Mason will periodically put his campers up for sale. This one can be placed on a truck or towed.

Endgame Camper for sale

Endgame Camper for sale

Mason is slowly turning his wood truck camper hobby into a small business. Keep an eye on his progress by following his Instagram @endgamecampers or taking a tour on his YouTube channel.

For a full interview with Dave Mason and his campers, check out “Serendipity & Sasquatch” in the May issue of Tiny House Magazine.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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