Autonomous Pod is the Monetizable Tiny Home Addition You’ve Been Waiting For

Back in 2020, the team of designers and engineers at Autonomous, like the rest of us, were beginning to cope with a new reality—how to live, work, and play in a world rocked by a pandemic. With more and more people working from home, it became clear that home offices would soon become a permanent fixture in many people’s lives, and the demand for private, separate work and play spaces would be higher than ever.

Credit: Dan Oliphant — Customer’s feedback image
Cre: Claire M Gehling — Customer’s feedback image

Enter the Autonomous Pod, a prefab solution that allows anyone to set up an amazingly versatile space for work or play, right in their own backyards. Just looking at photos of the Pod will give you a pretty clear idea of how beneficial it could be for a variety of purposes, but its usefulness goes beyond a mere office space.

Easy, fast, and inexpensive to build

Compared to the absolute headache and endless bureaucratic processes required for home renovations, Pod is a godsend. It’s completely built from the ground up within a day, and then you’re ready to get right to the fun part, which is actually using it.

Credit: Claire M Gehling — Customer’s feedback image

In addition to the time it takes to renovate or make additions to a home, finding the right contractor and dealing with unexpected hiccups along the way can be one of the greatest hindrances to creating a proper, separate office space in any home. Pod eliminates every aspect of that hassle.

Credit: Dan Oliphant — Customer’s feedback image

Yes, you can monetize it!

Not only could it be a great space for you to get work done and chill when it’s time to take a break—you can rent it out to other people who might need it too. As more and more people look for private rentable office spaces by the hour, your Pod becomes a hot commodity—especially in suburban areas where access to rentable office pods are less common or convenient to access. Having a local rentable office space in your area could bring in big returns over time.

You could even rent it out as a semi-living space or Airbnb for short-term stays. The only limit, really, is your own imagination. Pod is flexible and works pretty much any way you want it to, whether it’s for your own use or for monetary gain when you’re not using it.

Pod + office tools and more from Autonomous

Visit to check out all the great iterations of Pod, as well as more info on how you can get your set up today. Plus, you’ll find a wealth of resources for other home office and lifestyle upgrades if you’re looking to revamp your space with a modern, tasteful, and more ergonomic flair.

Credit: Claire M Gehling — Customer’s feedback image

Feedback time!

Hope you all enjoy our Pod feedback which comes from our dearest customers. Also, we are having the Referral Program which means for every Pod purchased using your unique Referral Code, you get $200 store credit to use towards your next Autonomous order and your friend will get a $500 discount on their Pod purchase.

Credit: Dan Oliphant — Customer’s feedback image

Credit: Andrew Yetter — Customer’s feedback image
Credit: Tilak Gopalarathnam — Customer’s feedback image

Feedback VideoCredit: Claire M Gehling — Customer’s feedback

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