Living in a Bean Teardrop Trailer

I had the privilege of going to Overland Expo Pacific Northwest in Redmond, Oregon on July 10, 2022.

I wanted to check out a few overloading-type campers that would potentially work for living tiny off-grid, etc.

One company I have been following and am very impressed with is the Bean Teardrop company. I liked what I had seen via their website and on youtube videos and wanted to see if their teardrop lived up to it.

A teardrop is extremely small for full-time living, but there are those who are doing it. The Bean teardrop stands out in the fact that the teardrop is built with a one-piece fiberglass shell and composite side walls. Thus allowing for no leakage which often happens with other teardrop builds. Because of this type of construction, the Bean Teardrop is on the higher end of pricing when compared to the competition.

Bean Teardrop builds some really cool high-end models but my favorite happens to be their entry-level one called the Bean Stock and it has the lowest price as well.

The Bean website states: “Let’s face it, Bean Stock is a sleeper that gets overlooked in the shadows of its more celebrated siblings. We get it, the colors, larger tires, and custom fenders on other models can be quite seductive. However, don’t get it twisted, Bean Stock is a badass that shares the same construction and refinement as our other trailers.

It is a lighter, more cost-effective option for someone who wants to save weight and/or dollars. It has the same one-piece fiberglass shell and composite side walls; the same torsion axle and frame as our Mean Bean. You can tow Bean Stock just about anywhere! Do you need off-road capability with 15” of ground clearance? Check. How about great galley and storage options? Check. Want to add a roof rack to carry extra gear? Check.

You demand the same roomy cabin with a soft-touch headliner, recessed lighting, and grain-matching cabinetry? Check. A wallet-friendly adventure platform to make a lifetime of memories? Well, that one is up to you! Those who are in the know, know Bean Stock. You should give it a closer look.”

Here is the basic pricing info on the Bean Stock:

  • MSRP: Starting at $22,990
  • Length: 14?
  • Dry Weight: 1,650 lbs
  • GVW: 3,500 lbs

Here is a quick video tour of the Bean Stock

A really good article on the Bean Stock is located at the Getaway Couple blog and the article “What the Heck Is a Bean Trailer?

Another person I follow via YouTube is Drew at Playing with Sticks. He and his little family have been using teardrops for quite a few years and has settled in on the Bean Stock. They have been living full-time in it for the last couple of months.

You can follow Drew’s channel here: Playing with Sticks

Drew says this about the Bean trailer in the following video:

“This is the full detailed walkthrough of the Bean Trailer. We have been living full-time in this little teardrop camper for over two months as a family of four. With the higher clearance, a one-piece fiberglass shell, and all the overland camping bells and whistles, you would think that is why we chose this small camper.

But, it is more than that. This trailer walkthrough will be highlighting the small details that set this trailer apart from the pack. And it comes down to the simplicity of the design. There is a reason teardrop trailers have more or less kept the same design since the 1940s.

Yet for some reason, every manufacturer today feels like they need to reinvent small camper living. Are all these new design features really for your benefit? We don’t believe so. And that is what this video is about.

A simple trailer, with modern updates, and a few innovative features that really set it apart. And this ultimately leads to what we believe is one of the best, if not the best small camper trailers on the market.”

Learn more about Bean Trailer at:

Some pics of the Bean Stock Teardrop

Photos from BeanTrailer

wireframe of bean teardrop

Wireframe of Bean Stock Teardrop

front view of Bean Stock Teardrop

Front view of Bean Stock Teardrop

back view of Bean Stock Teardrop

Rear view of Bean Stock Teardrop with kitchen

slide through drawers

Pass through storage


Optional refridgerator

portable sink and stove

Portable sink and stove

water containers

Water containers

interior bed and pass through storage

bed and storage

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