Musician Designed And Built Tiny House

Nick Soave contacted me to share his special tiny house that was designed to be a tiny house and a recording studio. Here is his story.

I designed this tiny house in 2017. I showed the design to my Dad, who is a highly-skilled builder, and he convinced me I had to build it.

I salvaged and reclaimed about half the materials, and sourced most of the rest locally.

I spent about 1,000 hours building it and $23,000 USD. I built the whole thing out of pocket.

I worked on and off over the course of 1 1/2 years building it in my spare time. My Dad repeatedly took days off from his own work to help in the process, and it was a unique bonding experience for us that has brought us closer together than ever.

I finished it in the Spring of 2019, and have been living in it since.

As a small independent musician, I am drawn to minimal living because it affords me the time and energy to pursue my own passions. I’m also able to save more money than ever before, and spend more time with friends, family, and traveling.

I’m currently living in the country on the west side of Michigan where I’m renting a plot of land on an alpaca farm.

I play and record music, so this design is highly unique in that there is a fully functional recording studio, as well as living space, in just 180 square feet!

You can follow Nick on his YouTube channel here.

Video recorded early July 2022

tiny house stairs

Kitchen and stairs with storage

tiny house door

Unique door into work area

tiny house studio

Studio and living area

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