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Hitch Hotel Extreme Tiny Living

I’m always on the lookout for tiny spaces when Hitch Hotel sent me their information on their Kickstarter program, I said: “Wow this is Tiny!” Introducing the Hitch Hotel: The anywhere hotel room. The Hitch Hotel is a comfortable and secure anytime, anywhere hotel room. No more reservations, tents, unwieldy RVs, or DMV restrictions–just drive, […]

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A New Tiny House Resort Community Comes to Pennsylvania

Despite the exploding popularity of tiny houses, there are still relatively few options to experience tiny living first-hand. Even scarcer, legal parking options. But how do you go about changing all of that? Meet Abby Hobson, a young, enthusiastic entrepreneur with a big vision. Tiny Estates is a tiny house resort community in Elizabethtown, PA. […]

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