Sauna/Bathroom in VIVA Collectiv Tiny House

Whether we like it or not, winter is here. However, one of the best ways to survive the darker, colder days is to warm them up with a sauna.

VIVA Collectiv’s The Spa tiny home has a bathroom with sauna heated by a stove.

Most tiny homes barely have room enough for a full bathroom (or a bathtub), much less the epitome of Finnish winter bathing. But Brian Crabb of VIVA Collectiv has figured out a way to fit a sauna and a tub in his THOW model, The Spa.

The bathroom/sauna can be completely enclosed with sliding doors.

Coming in at only 24 feet long, The Spa looks like a bit of Scandinavia set up in Northern California. The home’s bathroom contains a tub, cedar-lined walls and a stove that heats up a kettle full of stones. The entire room can be enclosed with sliding frosted glass doors to create a sauna complete with tub and toilet. All you need is some snow outside to jump into after a hot stone session.

The rest of The Spa has lovely wood accents and two lofts.

The rest of the home perfectly complements the sauna/bathroom. The living area is small, but contains a full kitchen. The two lofts (one for children) are each accessed by solid wood ladders. The loft privacy screens and ladder gates are made of solid pieces of wood.

VIVA Collectiv designs and builds other tiny homes as well as restaurants and sets for TV shows.

VIVA Collectiv doesn’t only only design and build amazing tiny homes on wheels and on foundations. The company also works on restaurant designs and building sets for television shows such as Queer Eye, The Voice and Tiny House Nation.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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