GoSun Dream Off-Grid Tiny House Coming in 2021

Many people are hoping that 2021 will be the year where we can forget all about 2020. It’s also the year that an innovative tiny house will be coming to the market to offer off-grid, energy efficient tiny living.

The Dream is a brand new design from GoSun, a solar products company.

GoSun is a company that designs and sells solar appliance solutions. They are best known for their solar ovens, solar purification systems, and even solar-powered coolers. After attending several tiny house conferences, GoSun founder and CEO Patrick Sherwin realized a gap in the tiny house market. Many of the homes were either luxurious or inexpensive, but rarely focused on quality builds plus off-grid capabilities.

The Dream features a bed that can be raised and lowered.

The GoSun Dream is a 195 square foot home that can go totally off the grid for about a month. Its power systems include a full solar array, lithium ion storage batteries, a generator that can also be connected to the grid, and an interactive sine-wave inverter. The home saves additional energy with low-flow faucets, a composting toilet and a 40 gallon fresh water tank.

The dinette under the bed can sleep even more people.

The Dream is also filled with GoSun appliances such a hybrid solar/electric oven, a 40-liter fridge, water purification and sanitation system, and the GoSun Solar Table. In addition, the home includes smart products such as an efficient AC unit, propane space heater, and on-demand water heater.

The entire home features ultra efficient appliances.

Other innovative ideas still abound in this house. To sleep up to four people, the lofted queen bed can be electronically raised and lowered over the dining space and work area. On the exterior, the outdoor awning automatically retracts when it senses high winds.


GoSun is currently taking orders for the Dream. The standard model is currently priced at $69,500 and a $500 refundable deposit will hold your model when production begins in 2021. You can also book a 15-minute consultation with GoSun to find out if the Dream is the right tiny house for you.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. Hello, This little tiny house is gorgeous!!! I love it. Is there a brochure on this model and if there is could you please mail it to me at P.O. Box 1741, Grants, NM 87020….thank you so very much!!!


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