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Space Age Boxvana Can Be Installed in One Day

It’s becoming more common to see prefab homes being erected in a few hours or a few days. However, what’s even less common is seeing a tiny home manufacturer who is the only provider of a space age modular building material.

Boxvana builds tiny homes out of fiberglass reinforced polymer.

Boxvana is the exclusive provider of LitePan®. This material is used to build modular buildings in a lighter, safer, cheaper, and stronger way. The material is a fiberglass reinforced polymer that is actually reusable and recyclable. Boxvana uses sheets of the LitePan to create tiny homes with fewer pieces and seams. This allows these homes to be installed in about a day.

LitePan® is lighter, quicker to install, and recyclable.

The Boxvana models come in four sizes from 120 to 396 square feet. Each home is eco-friendly and has adaptable layouts. The models come with options such as full-size appliances, granite countertops, radiant flooring, and solar power or off-grid generator. The addition of a residential storage battery such as the Tesla Powerwall can also be added.

The homes have adaptable floor plans and high-end finishings.

The prices for each model start at $35,000 for the backyard Sicily model and go up to $95,000 for the Monaco model. The Monaco is best for full-time living with a loft bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Cindi Lopriore - August 27, 2021 Reply

Wow! This Boxvana Tiny House really is futuristic! It can be adaptable to your liking and I like the fact that it has a real flushing toilet and nice way to lay out a kitchen how you want it!
The price seems reasonable also. I wondered if the Sicily model ‘could be’ insulated enough for full time winter living at that , or near that price range? Thank you, 🙂

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