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Emilie Wapnick Are all Tiny House Dwellers Multipotentialites?

Emily's trailer

Ethan’s guest this week is Emilie Wapnick who has created a resource for people who don’t feel like they can fit into just one box. If you have multiple interests and pursuits and are not sure how to make them work for you, I think these will be a great help. This applies to both work and recreation, etc.

So many tiny house enthusiasts fit into this realm. Ethan thinks that you can learn a lot from this interview that will help guide you along the way.

This will be helpful in planning and building your tiny house.

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In This Episode:

  • How do you know if you’re a multipod?
  • Advice for taking on a large project, like a tiny house
  • Do you ever stop being a multipotentialite?
  • Why Emilie chose to live tiny and what she learned from it
  • How to prioritize your projects and protect your time (and wallet)
  • Work models that help multipods earn an income

Links and Resources:

Emily and her dog and trailer

Emily and her dog, Grendel, lived in her trailer for 5 months

A lightweight trailer

She chose a lightweight trailer that she could tow with her sedan

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