A Philosophy and Tiny Houses Built from Salvaged Materials

Building tiny houses with salvaged materials is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It can also lead to a new way of thinking, as it has for Tiny Texas Houses founder Brad Kittell.  Today, we are revisiting his vision for creating hope from trash—his Pure Salvage Living philosophy:

“We hope to promote the use of salvaged and organic materials to create healthy tiny homes and to be used in a variety of applications. We believe we can create a drastic environmental, political, and social change by simply adopting the idea that salvage “saves.”

Tiny Houses Built from Salvaged Materials

Brad’s tiny house creations, or organic cottages, are made almost entirely from salvaged and re-purposed materials. From homes and barns throughout Texas, some of this salvage is as old as the early 1900s. Importantly, Brad points out that each has all been carefully curated and expertly processed. Further, he shares how-to videos on “salvage mining”. The idea is to help others learn how to pull down the right materials and spot the ones to avoid.

While Brad is no longer building houses to sell to the public, you can book a stay. You can also make an appointment to shop his 6,000 square foot warehouse, full of high-quality salvage materials.

Enjoy a thought-provoking trip to Salvage, Texas, a model tiny house village, in this short documentary.

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  1. Outstanding builds…love this man’s philosophy and outlook on everything he said.Wish I had the guts and bacKing from .y wife to just go do it.


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