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Chad Deschenes and Why Do Tiny Houses Develop Terrible Mold and Moisture Issues?

On this week’s podcast, Ethan discusses with Chad Deschenes a building inspector whose specialty is air quality, mold, and moisture-related issues.

Chad is here to discuss some of the standard tiny house building methods, and share some common problems he sees in buildings, large and small.

Chad also shares a system that every tiny house must-have. He has shared a few of his pictures as well.

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In This Episode:

  • Every home, even brand new construction, should have an inspection
  • Symptoms of a mold issue and the lasting effects
  • The one system you must have in your home (tiny or not)
  • Workmanship matters: this is where people consistently get it wrong
  • SIPs, insulation, vapor barriers, and your roof
  • How to detect mold in your house and is it fixable?

Links and Resources:

Chad is driven to educate people

Moisture from condensation creates mold

If you have exposed fasteners in your roof, you should inspect them twice a year

Water damage that’s been patched

Mold is preventable

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Eleanor Harper - March 15, 2021 Reply

Can anyone help with how to insure a tiny home in NZ. I checked the blog but those suggestions didn’t work. State will do it as a house not a caravan. AMI need a certificate of compliance and want $1,800.00 a year! 2x that of a large house. Covi, Star Camper Care, Youi don’t do tiny homes. Any help would be much appreciated.

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