Tiny Texas Houses Update

If you’ve been keeping up with Tiny Texas Houses then you’ve probably seen the many unique tiny houses they’ve put together over the last 6 months.

As if building all their houses isn’t enough, they’ve also released a full length tutorial series on how to start your own salvage mining business and teardown structures to re-purpose materials. They call it “The Salvage Mining Tutorial Series.”

Brad Kittel, owner of Tiny Texas Houses, explains a wide range of subject matter relating to the salvage world and how to be successful in it. You can stream the full length series online here or purchase the full DVD box set here for a very affordable price…especially considering the amount of wisdom and information packed into the series!

Salvage Video

Tiny Texas Houses has also come up with a unique and fun way to contribute to their projects and causes. They are allowing supporters to purchase “Airspace” on “The Acre of Hope” (a one acre area at their facility in Luling, Texas dedicated to supporter contributions and fan club participation). Esentially, they have set aside an acre of property where individuals can purchase “Airspace” by the square inch ($20.00 per square inch) above the acre and receive a fun “Certificate of Airspace Ownership” with your name on it via email.

Brad Kittle

Brad Kittel explains….

“This is Tiny Texas Houses’ way of providing our fans and supporters something that they can actual “own” and be a part of. I know a lot of our fans can’t afford a Tiny House right now, so this is our way of making our ideas accessible to them. All the money we raise from the Airspace Certificates goes towards our educational endeavors like the “How to Build a Tiny Texas House” tutorial videos and other projects like the development of the Tiny Texas Villages.”

tiny salvage homes

Everyone who contributes will not only receive the certificate of ownership via email, but also becomes a charter member of The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and can receive substantial discounts on merchandise, workshops, and even a Tiny Texas house. All Airspace owners are also encouraged to come out to the Tiny Texas Houses property at their convenience and “capture” their “Airspace” in containers that Tiny Texas Houses provides onsite.


“It’s a fun idea and the fans love it. The idea to do this actually came from one of our fans answering a questionnaire. It’s been great…who would have thought we would receive some much support by selling “Airspace!” says Brad with a smile.

To purchase “Airspace” and become a Charter member to the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance go here: http://puresalvageliving.com/the-pure-salvage-living-renaissance-presents-the-airspace-certificate/

Visit tinytexashouses.com or puresalvageliving.com for more information.

interior photos

tiny house

unique home

tiny house

12 thoughts on “Tiny Texas Houses Update”

  1. I’d like to see more pics of the last one (that looks like a vardo.) Close ups and lots of interior shots. This is a really interesting structure; I’m fascinated by the decorations around the roof line and the use of decorative windows is fabulous.

  2. Honestly I am in disbelief that such craft even exists, much less, that its ongoing. Whoever gets to buy these little artworks are lucky persons, I wonder if they could be shipped to the Pacific NW!

  3. that last one is the one he made for himself to live in – the Temple Tantro (or name similar to that).
    He has a facebook page with photos of the build of all of those, especially the Temple and where he has it set as his home. It is truely uniquely beautiful.

    And I’m one that has one of those Air Inches out there.

    He truely is an artist with recycling quality materials of yesteryear.


  4. I saw these homes in an article a while back and am more impressed now that I was the first time around. These are wonderful little retreats that unite discarded elements of the past with current needs. I would LOVE to be a part of a team that procured the raw materials for these creations.

    A little sleepy right now after a long day of work, but I’m going to look into this more. There is something so refreshing about these re-creations!

  5. I would LOVE one of these .. absolutely ga-ga over them. Can they be put on wheels? Can you put these on wheels? Imagine driving down the highway with this behind you, WOW!

  6. I clicked onto the “here” link to see your vidio, but decided not to pay a dollar to rent it. It seems it really is all about those dollars. Like $20 for a cubic inch of air.. WOW! People will buy anything!
    In today’s world you could be a leader of men. A force of compassion. A teacher to all. And if you asked for “love donations” I would guess you would be rewarded many times over.
    There are people in today’s economy who have lost jobs and homes, people who still have drive and ambition, who could greatly use and appreciate your knowledge. But it is knowledge that is only for rent or for sale. Greed… one dollar at a time. I am so sad for you.

    • oh get off your high horse! the man has to make a living, we all do. so its basically a donation. nothing wrong with that, i will buying an inch soon. as long as he is upfront with what people get and most importantly, he keeps building these houses, more power to him.


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