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Red Shed Redemption Chronicles Man’s Shed to Tiny House Conversion

When 29-year-old Jared Hottle lost his football coaching job due to COVID-19, he moved back home to his parents’ Iowa farm. On the farm, he was inspired by a small red shed sitting away from the main home. The shed was over 100 years old, but Hottle envisioned the little space as his own.

Jerod Hottle has a video series on his small, red shed conversion.

After a good clean, a search for salvaged items, a model built out of Popsicle sticks, and three months of hard work, the tiny house is nearly complete. Hottle’s little red house has a main room with a desk, a 7×7 sleeping loft, a refrigerator and kitchenette, and a small shower. The home’s new floor is made from old gym flooring and a sliding door was added to the back for extra light. One wall is decorated with painted pallet boards and the ceiling is covered with Hottle’s handmade shiplap.

The red shed has a sleeping loft and lighting made from barn beams, a pulley, and kombucha bottles.

Hottle’s house has electricity and lighting made from an old barn beam and kombucha bottles. A water line runs to the shed, but the red shed is not connected to the septic system. Hottle uses the the toilet in the main house.

Hottle added a slider out to a deck for extra light and outdoor space.

He even came up with a little song for his Red Shed Redemption.

The entire Red Shed Redemption process can be seen on YouTube. The short, sweet, aland inspirational videos were created by Hottle’s friend, Matt Rafferty, a digital media specialist at Flight Spool in Iowa City. The videos also give kudos to local businesses that helped during the building process and the red shed even has its own little song.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Mirey - August 31, 2020 Reply

Wow, such a good house.

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