What Makes a Good Me Shed?

Shed photo by Sebastian Huxley

One of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read was “A Place of My Own” by renowned author Michael Pollan. The book documents Pollan’s desire for a little structure of his own where he could read, write, and daydream. He also wanted to build the place with his own two … Read more

Modern Kazakh Yurt

Modern Kazakh Yurt

I’ve always been a big fan of yurts. Their simplicity and strengths in all types of weather as well as their portability is a big reason to consider this type of structure. DesignBoom recently published an article about Nurgisa Architects. A company that has introduced the concept of the Modern … Read more

NEW Folding Tiny House on Wheels

Have you ever wondered, what if a Boxabl home came on wheels? Introducing the Grande S1, a brand-new folding tiny house on wheels by PODX Go. It unfolds and folds with basically just a push of a button (and a couple simple manual actions). In just 15 minutes, it expands … Read more

The Dwarf Chalet

Chalet Z'Gogwärgji

Chalet Z’Gogwärgji (known as the dwarf chalet). Spanning three floors, is the original old name for the property, located in the heart of Zermatt’s old village where houses date back to the 18th century. The property is available for ski holidays with The Luxury Chalet Company. Once an old sheep … Read more

NEW Full 2-Story Tiny House with Lifting Roof

A new German company, Vagabundo, recently debuted their version of a full two-story tiny house with a lifting roof. And yes, it can be put on wheels and relocated as desired. During the pandemic, two young industrial engineers and an architect came together to develop a versatile and minimalist movable … Read more

ÖÖD House: Space-Age Meets Scandi Style

Fully bringing in nature while still creating optimal shelter was the impetus for the ÖÖD House. The ÖÖD House has three mirrored walls. Designed by Jaak and Andreas Tiik from Estonia, this unique tiny house nearly disappears into any landscape due to its mirrored walls. The Tiik brothers wanted to … Read more

Couple’s Side by Side Tiny Houses

Elisa and Ryk are a happily married couple who live in side by side tiny houses. They’re parked next to each other with a shared yard at an RV/THOW community in Welches, Oregon. Impressively, even with two homes and double the lot rent, plus utilities, they still save $600 per … Read more