Tiny House Advocacy Webinar for Living Tiny Legally

Does tiny house advocacy seem intimidating? The Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) wants to help change that. Their goal is to make getting involved, as an advocate, more approachable through their continuing series of training webinars. Back in July, they kicked off a two-part online training for new advocates. It … Read more

TinyFest California Coming to San Diego

TinyFest Events is back with its second annual TinyFest California. Event organizer, Renee McLaughlin is bringing it to the San Diego metro area, in part inspired by the extensive local tiny house advocacy efforts. With that, the intent of this tiny living festival is to not just inspire and entertain … Read more

Tiny Houses NOW Legal in Los Angeles

In case you have yet to hear the BIG news, we are honored to share it with you. The second-largest city in the US finally approved movable tiny houses as accessory dwelling units (ADUs). It took years of advocacy, since 2016, and the process went through many starts and stops. … Read more

Sacramento Mayor Calls for Rapid Tiny House Production

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants to spend 30 million to jumpstart the rapid production of tiny homes. He sees tiny housing as an opportunity to quickly and more affordable address dire housing shortages, sky-rocketing costs, and the expansive homeless population. “My hope is that with a little bit of financial … Read more

Virginia Adopts Tiny House Appendix Q

Last week, Virginia became the seventh state to adopt the International Residential Code Appendix Q for tiny houses. It passed with zero opposition. Surprisingly, this is a complete turnaround from just a few years ago when the state-building department shut down any tiny house building code discussion. “Our proposal for … Read more

Massachusetts Adopts Tiny House Appendix Q

Last month Massachusetts officially became the sixth state to fully adopt the Appendix Q.  It joins California, Idaho, Maine, Oregon, Georgia. That is to say, these are the first states to adopt this groundbreaking International Residential Code optional guidelines. It provides a model building standard for houses 400 square feet … Read more

Just Park It: Fields, Ranches and Casinos of NorCal

Northern California stretches from San Luis Obispo County to the Oregon state line. It is diverse, grandly beautiful and chock full of tiny houses. They can be found on farms, ranches, vineyards and of course, backyards. Beginning March 5th, we could see them greatly multiply across San Luis Obispo backyards … Read more

UPDATE: Oregon Reach Code for Tiny Houses

Two years ago, Oregon tiny house advocates were embroiled in a fight with the Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD). The BCD director was actively working to stymie the governor’s directive to create a building code for tiny houses that would draw from the International Residential Code (IRC) Appendix Q. What’s … Read more

Tiny House EVICTION and What You Can Do About It

Meet David, a University of Colorado college student, future astronomy teacher, and tiny dweller. He built a charming and super functional tiny house on wheels, as a way to embrace simple, sustainable living. Another big motivation for his tiny house was to create his own affordable student housing. CU only … Read more

Tiny Houses Now LEGAL in San Luis Obispo, CA

California may soon be the most tiny house on wheels friendly state in the nation. Last week, San Luis Obispo became the second Californian city to legally create a place for moveable tiny houses, aka THOWs, outside RV parks. The city council unanimously voted to approve them in their new … Read more

Tiny House Statistics and Why They Matter

There is power in data. When it comes to legitimizing tiny houses as a quality housing option, education is key. Essential facts can help paint a picture of the movement as fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable, giving outsiders a clearer of understanding of the benefits tiny homes can provide our … Read more