Tiny House Statistics and Why They Matter

There is power in data. When it comes to legitimizing tiny houses as a quality housing option, education is key. Essential facts can help paint a picture of the movement as fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable, giving outsiders a clearer of understanding of the benefits tiny homes can provide our communities and why people are drawn to this lifestyle.

The below infographic created by Tiny Society shows the steady rise in tiny house on wheels occupancy. While accurate, it is unfortunately difficult to know exact number of tiny homeowners because so many live under the radar. The ability to demonstrate demand is vital. Advocacy groups, like the American Tiny House Association, are working diligently to collect more accurate data to help make stronger cases for legislation and financing. Overall, the more we know about our movement, the more we can learn and accomplish.

A growing number of universities are conducting studies on tiny houses and people who live in them. Currently the Building Construction Department at Virginia Tech is collecting responses for their online survey entitled, The Ecological Footprints of Tiny Home Downsizers. If you are a tiny homeowner, contribute to this research study to learn about how downsizing to a tiny home influences one’s ecological footprint. The survey is available HERE. It is open until the end of November.  The pilot study results were shared in the October issue of the Tiny House Magazine. The study’s final results will be shared in one of the spring issues. Stay tuned!

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of downsizing into a tiny home. Living in a tiny house by the numbers:



-Alexis Stephens, Tiny House Blog contributor

My partner, Christian and I are traveling tiny house dwellers. Together we’ve been on the road three years for our documentary and community education project, Tiny House Expedition. We live, breathe, dream the tiny home community every day. This is our life and our true passion project. We are very grateful to be able to experience this inspiring movement in such an intimate way and to be able to share our exploration with all of you.

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