The Simple and Useful Beauty of the Raised Platform

Several years ago I wrote a Tiny House Blog post about American River guides who live for the river season out of their tents or various vehicles. Most of the tents are located on the ground, but to literally elevate your status as a river guide, you can pitch your tent on a raised wooden platform. A simple, inexpensive platform can make a world of difference if you are living inside a world of nylon and polyester.

Tents become tiny houses when placed on a level platform.

Photo by Nantahala Outdoor Center

Besides protecting you from dirt, bugs and mini flash floods, the simple wooden platform can also extend, expand and elevate any type of tiny house. From decks around shipping container homes to platforms under Lotus Belle Tents or wall tents. These inexpensive additions should be planned around any new or existing build to allow for extra space, storage and views.

Platforms can be low and simple…

Photo by Tiny House Scotland

Platforms don’t always have to be raised very high. However, having some space under a platform or deck is useful to store large or bulky items, tools and outdoor gear. A lower platform is less expensive and will not need more complicated stair construction or safety considerations. They also don’t need to be made of wood. Composite, vinyl and even aluminum can be used to create a deck or platform that will last much longer than wood.

…or more complicated, but easily removable.

Photo by Florida Rental by Owners

Platforms on tiny houses can also be attached, removable or temporary. Heck, they can even be attached to a roof for even better views. The individual choice will depend on whether the house is on wheels or stationary. Available land or backyard space also has to be considered. To build a safe and stable platform or deck, consult an expert or follow experienced builders like Jon Peters on YouTube. His video shows you step-by-step how to build a raised platform or deck for a shed or tiny house.

A permanent raised deck can expand a tiny space into a full home.

Photo by EBOSS

Featured photo by Willow Witt Wall Tents

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. I like the raised platform is some way. Those bigger enough like smaller basement where you can stand and make a good space to rest, especially on hot days.


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