Tiny House Advocacy Webinar for Living Tiny Legally

Does tiny house advocacy seem intimidating? The Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA) wants to help change that. Their goal is to make getting involved, as an advocate, more approachable through their continuing series of training webinars.

Back in July, they kicked off a two-part online training for new advocates. It covered how to work with your local government officials to make tiny home friendly changes to local housing regulations. THIA’s upcoming webinar explores how to get started by putting together a team.

More specifically, the webinar plans to demystify the process of creating a capable local advocate team. It will also offer talking points about how to leverage this unprecedented time to advance your local tiny housing advocacy goals effectively.

Again, THIA president Dan Fitzpatrick will lead this new online training. During the past five years, he has become a leading national advocate. He played a critical role in a wide array of tiny house zoning ordinances and state laws. Dan consults with local tiny home advocates too, like the features special guests, Genny Crane and Ellen Stone.

They lead the San Diego Chapter of the American Tiny House Association. During the webinar, they plan to share their experience building a thriving local coalition. Impressively, their work helped get movable tiny houses approved as ADUs in the City of San Diego.

Other special guests include Alexis Stephens, co-creator of Living Tiny Legally, as well as Lindsay Wood. As Experience Tiny Homes cofounder, she is leading up the Sonoma County Tiny Home Coalition.

Are you a THIA member? The new tiny house advocacy is free for you. Non-members are encouraged to register to get access to the new webinar and THIA’s 2-Part Online Advocacy Training 101 webinar.

Online Tiny Home Advocacy Training Tickets Available Here

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