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Brad Cook in Building Your House Tight and Ventilating it Right

Knowing how the right way to insulate your tiny house is confusing when you design and build your home.

Having the right professional builder is no guarantee as most don’t work with tiny spaces on a regular basis.

Ethan introduces Brad an energy-efficiency professional who offers a wealth of knowledge about insulation and ventilation when it comes to tiny houses in this week’s podcast.

They discuss insulation and common myths about heating a tiny house.

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In This Episode:

  • A rundown about different types of insulation and why your fenders are important
  • R-Value: is more insulation always better?
  • What are some common insulation specifications?
  • A tip for DIY insulation
  • An easily-understood relative humidity explanation
  • Air-sealing vs a vapor barrier: what is what and which is more important?
  • What is proper ventilation and why is it important?
  • What kind of bath fan should you use in your tiny house?
  • Some of Brad’s favorite (and least favorite) products

Links and Resources:

These filters are too narrow and there’s no metal shroud

Firewood is the source of high relative humidity

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