Living The Tiny Life In Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida in central Florida (home of Silver Springs State Park) is now offering a simple life for tiny housers and those looking for slightly more room than the average THOW. A new development is officially underway in the Wildwood area by the same team that created Simple Life in … Read more

Liberation Tiny Homes Shell Discount

Our friends Liberation Tiny Homes is running a special discount until the end of February. Located in located in the heart of Lancaster County, PA Liberation Tiny Homes, believe that tiny homes should be constructed with excellent craftsmanship, durable materials, and also be affordable to purchase. They have built their … Read more

Adventures of the Wandering Book Artists

We are on the road now, celebrating 40 years of making artists’ books with shows of our work at university libraries around the country. Years ago you made a blog post about our wandering book artists gypsy caravan. We think your readers might enjoy this music video that we made … Read more

AAAH! Tiny House by Brett Marlo Design + Build

With one of the most memorable names and one of the more eco-friendly designs in the tiny house business, the AAAH! by Brett Marlo Design and Build will soon become a fixture in the ADU movement. The catchy name stands for “affordable, adaptable, alternative housing.” The AAAH! stands for “affordable, adaptable, alternative housing.” … Read more

ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW

The ESCAPE brand of tiny homes are some of the most memorable. Forbes has even called the homes “the most beautiful Tiny Houses in the world.” The latest ESCAPE design, Vintage, is also the company’s most affordable. ESCAPE is also offering a special for the first 10 buyers of the Vintage. … Read more

Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

Who decides what furniture is meant for the outdoors and what furniture is meant for the indoors? Sure there are obvious discerning factors such as fabric materials, paint finishes, and even footing (afterall, who wants a metal chair foot scooting across the pine flooring?) but other than those obvious differences, … Read more

Glamping in Style at Rancho Rustico

If you are tired of the snow and cold of winter, take a few peaks at the wonderful, warm scenery and tiny glamping pods of Rancho Rustico. This yoga and fitness retreat in the Costa del Sol in Spain has several glamping options in the mountains of Andalusia including a … Read more