Justin and Juby on Parenting, and Eating on the Road

Ethan’s guests today on his podcast are Justin and Juby who are parents and live tiny on the road. They share their adventures living in a skoolie with a child.

In this episode, they discuss what it is like living in a converted bus. What’s involved in setting up and then packing things up for travel down the road. They talk about mistakes made and also how they run their business when on the road.

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In This Episode:

  • Learning how to travel in the bus
  • How do you get around when your vehicle is your home?
  • Modifying and modifying again to accommodate a child
  • The reality of the hardships of full-time life on the road
  • Heading back to the bus with a new perspective
  • Running a bee business from the road
  • How to maintain your plant-based diet while traveling
  • Writing a cookbook together (and their go-to recipes)

Links and Resources:

interior bus
Red Peppa’ has gone through quite a few remodels inside so that it can accommodate a growing child
bus packed and secured
All of this has to be packed and secured before they drive
privacy curtains in bus
Curtains in the front window and by the door are removable for travel and provide privacy while parked
large fridge in bus
The 9-cubic-foot fridge helps them be able to meal-prep and batch cook so they can eat out less often

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