A Full Week on a Single Beach with Kit and JR

Sunshine on the beach

I just heard an amazing story from Kit and JR and Sunshine about their recent adventure in Baja, Mexico. We’ve followed Kit and JR’s journey a couple of times in the Tiny House Magazine in Issue 65  and Issue 83  After cruising into the coastal city of La Paz, they … Read more

Tiny Houses and Homesteading

Homestead Bundle

Tiny Houses and homesteads are a perfect match! Check out the permies.com Homestead Bundle that I’ve been included in – it’s a great collection of resources to get into for the year ahead. As well as providing a complete package of content, the bundle also covers a range of media, … Read more

Going Tiny and Then Creating TinyFest


TinyFest Founder and CEO Renee Seevers (formerly McLaughlin) went ‘tiny’ in 2015 after swapping her 3,300 square foot house in Iowa to an 87 square foot tiny home on wheels. Inspired by her experience, Renee started TinyFest Midwest in her home state before relocating and adding events in the Northwest, … Read more

Making Room for a Vinyl Collection in a Tiny House

Vinyl records have been a popular collector’s item and form of entertainment for many generations. Their recent resurgence is due much to the Millennial generation who have grown up primarily with digital downloads. To them, vinyl represents something more tangible and a form of creative self-expression. Don’t worry, a vinyl … Read more

Ecoflow Delta 1300 Power Station Review

Impressively, the compact and powerful Ecoflow Delta 1300 power station can run our entire tiny house! We first tested it when our host’s power went out, resulting in a real-world backup power situation. What makes the Delta portable power station a worthwhile tool for home on wheels, camping, and workshops … Read more

Living The Tiny Life In Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida in central Florida (home of Silver Springs State Park) is now offering a simple life for tiny housers and those looking for slightly more room than the average THOW. A new development is officially underway in the Wildwood area by the same team that created Simple Life in … Read more