A Full Week on a Single Beach with Kit and JR

I just heard an amazing story from Kit and JR and Sunshine about their recent adventure in Baja, Mexico.

We’ve followed Kit and JR’s journey a couple of times in the Tiny House Magazine in Issue 65  and Issue 83 

After cruising into the coastal city of La Paz, they spent a full week camping on a remote beach. Usually, they move their sleeping spot every few days, but this beach was so special that they stayed put.

Kit holding a skeleton

They called this beach “The Dead Beach Filled with Life” because they found skeletons mixed in with the living pelicans, plovers, and roadrunners. The birdwatching was amazing, and they loved seeing frigate birds soaring overhead while they swam in the ocean during the middle of the day. The beach was so quiet and peaceful that they couldn’t imagine sleeping without the sound of the sea. It was definitely a gem of a find that they will always remember.

JR and Kit just published a new video on YouTube entitled “Humans and the Beach.“

In this new video, filmed just this week, Kit deconstructs our human obsession with beaches. Let’s take a walk with me and talk it out.

Watch the Video


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Sunshine at sunset on the beach

Photos by J.R. Switchgrass

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