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Tiny House Goals, Aspirations and Fears and Frustrations

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Living tiny is still complicated for most people. It is more than just downsizing and convincing your family it is a real lifestyle.

I wanted to share some of the responses I’ve had over the years here on the Tiny House Blog in regard to the goals, aspirations and fears, and frustrations that come with living tiny.

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  • My goal in living in a tiny house is to simplify my life and reduce my carbon footprint.
  • I want to save money on housing costs and be able to travel more by living in a tiny house.
  • My goal is to have a minimalist lifestyle and only keep the things that truly matter to me in my tiny house.

gardening at tiny house


  • I aspire to have a self-sufficient lifestyle in my tiny house, with solar power and a garden for growing my own food.
  • I hope that by living in a tiny house, I can inspire others to live more sustainably and with less waste.
  • My aspiration is to build my own tiny house and create a unique and personalized living space.

happy in a tiny house


  • I’m afraid that living in a tiny house will be too cramped and claustrophobic.
  • I worry that I won’t have enough storage space for all my things in a tiny house.
  • I’m concerned that I’ll feel isolated and disconnected from others if I live in a tiny house.

where to park a tiny house


  • I find it frustrating that there aren’t more zoning and building regulations that support tiny house living.
    It’s frustrating to try and find affordable land to park my tiny house on.
  • I’m annoyed by the constant maintenance that a tiny house requires, like emptying the composting toilet and refilling the water tank.

Please comment below on your own goals in living tiny. What challenges do you foresee and what is holding you back from tiny house living?

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