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Tiny Houses and Homesteading

Homestead Bundle

Tiny Houses and homesteads are a perfect match!

Check out the permies.com Homestead Bundle that I’ve been included in – it’s a great collection of resources to get into for the year ahead.

As well as providing a complete package of content, the bundle also covers a range of media, from e-books, movies, plans, and presentations to digital magazines. So this is a really great opportunity to grab these items in one convenient spot at a discounted price.

When bought separately, these items will cost you over $289. I’ve just learned that the Bundle is stall available but the price has been adjusted to $65. (Still a great bargain!) That is a savings of over 70% ! If you want to take advantage of this offer and find out more, head over to the 2023 Homestead Bundle.

What’s inside:

  • 5 Acres & Dream The Sequel, chapter 6: “Food Self-Sufficiency: Feeding Ourselves”
  • Hotbed Plans eBook + Self Heating Winter Greenhouse Plans eBook
  • Understanding Roots ebook
  • 3 issues of Tiny House Magazine: (Issue 115, Issue 118, Issue 119)
  • The Hugelkultur chapter of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist
  • Clean With Cleaners You Can Eat
  • Planting for Bees video
  • High Performance Gardening eBook
  • Companion Planting Guide
  • The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging ebook
  • Cook with What You Have eBook
  • Neal Kinsey’s Hands-On Agronomy Video Workshop
  • A Guide to Buy it Once Cookware ebook
  • Together Resilient
  • Harvesting Rainwater for your Homestead in 9 Days or Less
  • Uncle Mud’s EZ Cob Rocket Stove
  • The Weekend Homesteader: Winter
  • Building a Better World in your Backyard – Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys
  • 6 Ways to Keep Chickens
  • 19 Skiddable Structures microdoc
  • Permaculture Playing Cards e-book
  • Tour of Wheaton Labs, the Movie
  • Paul Wheaton’s Permaculture Thorns Presentation from Exit & Build 2022
  • Round Wood Timber Framing: the Berm Shed Movie
  • Care and Feeding of Rocket Mass Heaters microdoc
  • Hugelkultur microdoc
  • Introduction to Welding in 47 Minutes movie
  • 21 podcast review of Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture
  • 3D Plans – Pebble Style Rocket Mass Heater
  • Permaculture Thorns – A Book About Trying to Build Permaculture Community (draft eBook)

2023 Homesteading Bundle (Affiliate)

A few pics of some of the products.

homestead bundle

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