Tiny House Magazine 2023 Refresh

Because of loyal subscribers and readers like you, we have been able to publish 121 issues of the Tiny House Magazine. What a feat!

In December we sent out a survey to all subscribers and purchasers of the Tiny House Magazine. We wanted to know what you wanted in future issues of the magazine. Below are the answers that resulted in our 2023 design refresh.

  • The format was important. The PDF format is what most requested at 84.7% Only 7.3% had an interest in a flip magazine on a membership site. I had planned to switch to this in 2023. That idea has been tabled.
  • We are all busy and so we wanted to know how many pages you would prefer. On average we had been publishing 80+ pages. We discovered that 86% of our readers wanted a magazine between 25 and 50 pages in length. Our new issue length starting with this issue will average 45 pages.
  • Our fourth question was about payment options. The result was over 67% wanted more options. So we will be introducing more options in the next month.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. We plan to continue to produce a quality magazine that you will enjoy.

Here are a few pages from Issue 121 published January 15, 2023.

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 121 cover

Tiny House Magazine index

Fresh Piles article

Unhappy campers article

Living a magic Life article

Best of Both Worlds

Writing Tiny

When to talk tiny houses article

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