Going Tiny and Then Creating TinyFest

TinyFest Founder and CEO Renee Seevers (formerly McLaughlin) went ‘tiny’ in 2015 after swapping her 3,300 square foot house in Iowa to an 87 square foot tiny home on wheels. Inspired by her experience, Renee started TinyFest Midwest in her home state before relocating and adding events in the Northwest, Southwest, California, and Texas.

Renee Seevers

For Renee, the idea of “Going Tiny” is more than just buying and moving into a moveable home. It’s about sustainability, autonomy, flexibility, and freedom: financial freedom, freedom of mobility, and freedom from stuff and stress. And, it’s about having fun!

Why are tiny house festivals important? My guest, Renee Seevers, is the creator of TinyFest Midwest, TinyFest California, and recently TinyFest Southwest. Renee tells me about switching from a tiny house to a skoolie, what it’s like running the festivals, and what you can expect at one of her TinyFest events.

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In This Episode:

  • Terrifying tiny house mistakes
  • What to expect at a TinyFest
  • Building community for people on the move
  • Upcoming tiny house events
  • Why tiny house festivals are important

Links and Resources:

Renee's tiny house

Renee lived in her tiny home for four and a half years


She now lives in a skoolie in Oregon

Renee and husband

She and her husband have 160 acres in Oregon to keep them busy between TinyFests


Nomad Village is a great community at each TinyFest


You might see more than tiny homes at one of Renee’s events!

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