Meeting Christina in Person

Last Friday I had the privilege to finally meet my writer in person. Christina Nellemann has been writing for the Tiny House Blog for over a year now and I have always appreciated her viewpoint and enthusiasm in the tiny house movement.

Christina’s articles are featured on Monday so be sure and read and enjoy her posts.


Friday Christina and her husband Harry met me in Occidental at the Negris Italian Restaurant to get acquainted in person. Harry and Christina had come to Sonoma County to camp and attend Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Open House and also get away from the Nevada heat.

We enjoyed two hours of talking about our interest in the tiny house movement, our common background of graphic arts (Christina operates Feline Design) and as a bonus I enjoyed a tour of their Pleasant Valley Lil Traveler Teardrop trailer. See Christina’s post on her teardrop here.

It’s always fun to meet in person as we communicate so much via email in this day and age. Thanks Christina for a great lunch and I look forward to working together for a long time to come.

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5 thoughts on “Meeting Christina in Person”

  1. Thanks jordan. I bought the teardrop from a dealer in Florida, but it is made by Pleasant Valley Teardrops in Ohio. We tow it with a 6 cylinder Hyundai Sonata and it tows just great. It is only 8 feet long, so we can go down small streets and get out of tight spots easily. We recently camped out of it for two weeks in the Grand Canyon and Zion.


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