Life in A Rail Car

I am just getting bombarded with cool things lately from Tiny House Blog readers and I am trying to keep up on it but not always doing so well.

Please keep them coming though as I really appreciate it and would not know about many of them any other way.

Sarah sent me this rail car home in Portland, Oregon that she has been lusting over for the past year and she thought you might enjoy. Here is the scoop:

rail car

Very rare opportunity to purchase the super stylish 1949 Portland Pullman Railcar with architect designed modern interior to wow your friends and clients! Approximately 85 feet long (1/2 Portland city block! 9 1/2 feet wide with 10 foot domed ceiling…check out the video below.

Though out of my price range, I think this would be a cool place to live and a neat concept for a tiny house. Maybe you have an old rail car sitting on the tracks not far from you that you could restore and make your own.

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6 thoughts on “Life in A Rail Car”

  1. I know that there is a whole group of people who do similar things to rail cars and they all meet up and organize an engine to pull them on long extended trips (month or so). They go through some beautiful places, I’ve heard of these going through Europe and Russia. Of course this a form of slow travel, some of these are even time shares!, the detail these people put into them are amazing.

    • Thanks Ryan for the information, I’ll have to do some more research into that one. Another interesting sideline to downsizing.


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