Modern Houseboat in Berlin

modern houseboat 1

By Chris Laugsch

Our Modern Houseboat in Berlin. It is located in a bay of the river Spree with the entire front facing the bay opening up through huge windows with views of the city and the landmark TV tower on the horizon. You feel completely withdrawn from the bustle of the city with only a few ducks and Ludwig, the swan coming by occasionally for breakfast, yet it only takes 20 minutes to the city centre. Continue reading

Tiny Floating Homes: ASANTE

Haven and Mira First Birthday-4

Back when Peter and I first started talking about buying a boat I would come home from work every evening and spend countless hours scouring the internet for all the advice I could get. I would look at boats for sale and I would indulge in the dreamy sailing photos on Pinterest. It wasn’t long before I stumbled on a series of pins bookmarking Sailing and Cruising Blogs. Blogs? I had no idea what a blog even was at that point. Boy was I in trouble.  The next few months I probably didn’t sleep more than a couple hours every night. I found dozens of blogs about people who had sold everything, quit their jobs and sailed off into the sunset. I was most intrigued by the blogs I found about young families about my age that were living in these tiny floating homes with small children. On a boat. In the ocean. And they were having the time of their lives!! After spending a few weeks with my new hobby, I had a pretty good grasp on who the biggest cruising bloggers were at the time. If you know anything about sailing and cruising blogs, chances are you’ve heard of WINDTRAVELER. Continue reading

The Terrapin Casual Turtle Camper

exterior Terrapin

Peter Pavlowich from Casual Turtle Campers just contacted me to tell me about a new model he is constructing. Peter says: This is the model I call the Terrapin, and I just got back to Colorado from delivering it to a very nice woman in New Hampshire. She had me keep the interior pretty simple, though it is insulated and finished. This particular unit weighed in at 1,260 pounds.

Continue reading

Tiny House Technique: Making Room For Recreation

A year ago when passing through Ft. Myers, FL my wife decided on a whim to rent a paddleboard to take advantage of the glassy water and beautiful sun overhead at Lover’s Key State Park. All through the fall and winter she talked about that experience and how she loved it. By early 2015 she was looking at SUPs on the Internet and talking about investing in one. Truth be told I wasn’t all that game as my first experience was less than stellar and about all I did was entertain the observers on the beach as I sort of stood up, wobbled, and fell. I think I even did ‘the Running Man’ at some point that cause the 10′ board to shoot up into the air and right out from under me.

When we passed through Ft. Myers this past snowbird season though we came across the notion of inflatable SUPs and realized something like that would be perfect for her and our tiny house lifestyle. Minimum space yet maximum fun. This time I was (pardon the pun) on board and we found a well-reviewed board at Costco. For less than $400 we were well on our way to becoming complete beach bums without sacrificing our much coveted space in our tiny house.


So in putting togethers blog post I had an idea. Why not show other tiny housers how much fun SUPing can be and how an inflatable SUP (as well as other toys like inflatable kayaks, frisbee golf, geo-caching, etc) can be perfect recreational activities for the tiny house lifestyle. To watch the video just hover over the image below and click on the red, centrally located, standard YouTube play button.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

Skoolies and the Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine Issue 29

This month’s magazine is a special edition exploring school buses converted into tiny houses.

Retired buses, rescued from the sidelines, are each given a special design and new color as seen by the new owner.

Jeremy Arndt says that: “When we were in the planning phases for our new tiny home, one of the biggest criteria was that it was mobile and drivable under its own power. In essence, we wanted a tiny home, but also wanted an RV to suit our needs and mobile lifestyle.”

Nina Nelson in her interview states: “There are a few reactions I get when people find out we lived in skoolie for a year with four kids. They range from jaws dropping and eyes widening in shock because it’s the craziest thing anyone’s ever heard of.”

Kelly Ross of Just Right Bus says: “When we bought the bus in March 2013 we had to remove all of the paraphernalia that made it look like a school bus. This included the stop sign, the bar the swings out from the front and the lettering on the outside. We roughly sanded off the words and put a spray of metal primer on top to prevent rust and this is how our Petunia looked for about a year.”

These stories and much more are included in this issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

Purchase your copy today.

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