Tiny House Workshop Hands on Building

Actually Build, Hear From Tiny House Pros, See Live Demos, Tour A Tiny House, And More! With Deek and Dustin

All while helping out the town center with design, art, and funky builds!
Hosted by Derek and Dustin Diedricksen, who have hosted/built/designed for their HGTV/DIY Network show “Tiny House Builders”, as well as for other tv shows!

JULY 25th and 26th

Right Outside Boston, Massachusetts (Stoughton,Massachusetts)

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Refrigeration in a Tiny Floating Home

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Refrigeration in a tiny floating home is an essential part of our systems.  Most liveaboard boats are equipped with refrigeration, though some are not. Some people simply store food with a cooler packed with ice. Where I like to travel, ice doesn’t last long so it was an easy decision to place value in outfitting the boat with an efficient refrigerator and freezer. Continue reading

Mirth Lodge

Roof Lineby Collin Vickers

Thomas Kortkamp, wildcrafter and woodworker extraordinaire, is living the Porous Life in Mirth Lodge, his ever-evolving tiny home and time capsule.

A permaculture food forest grows in the heart of Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, where an ongoing experiment in ecological living is underway. There you will often find Thomas Kortkamp smoothing a length of local walnut with an old fashioned hand plane, or sculpting a massive bowl-like-object from a hunk of mulberry wood. Inspired by the circular roundhouses of the ancestral Mandan people, (Mirth Lodge is a punny take on earth lodge) Thomas set out long ago to build a home in which he could live while maintaining a respectful relationship with the place he inhabits. His chief inspiration was Gary Snyder’s masterpiece: “A Place in Space,” in which Snyder tells the story of his home in the Sierra Nevada, with walls that could be opened to welcome the wilderness in. Snyder’s lifestyle is known as the Porous Life, characterized by permeable barriers between the untamed natural world and the carefully contrived microcosms we construct for ourselves. Continue reading

Can A Pre-Fab Be Made Into a Tiny House?

The question is asked so often and so often people respond with affirmative as if it is the easiest task in the world. Perhaps it may be. But it still requires some planning, some elbow grease, and some skill. What are we talking about? Turning a pre-fab garage or barn or shed into a tiny house.


Yes, there are modifications to be made. Perhaps the biggest stumbling block is that these pre-fabs are not rough plumbed or rough wired.  They also don’t have insulation or interior walls. However, they are sturdy and typically have a sound build structure.

In the video below I submit it can be done…and for under $20,000 USD.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

Monarch Half Half Model

monarch 1

Monarch Tiny Houses has just introduced a model that you can complete yourself. Giving your the base unit you need to create a tiny home for yourself. Here is what they have to say about it.

Our Monarch Half/Half saves you time and money, efficiently propelling you to tiny-home living. We build the first half—you finish the second half. Continue reading