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Wild Rivers Retreat House Online Auction for Habitat for Humanity, Nov. 1

Starting on November 1, 2016 you will be able to bid on a tiny house built completely from recycled and donated materials. The Wild Rivers Retreat was constructed by the Wild Rivers Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin. The starting bid will begin at $10,000 and all proceeds will go to the Wild Rivers Habitat. The Wild Rivers Retreat will be up for an eBay auction on November [...]

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Roadschooling: Teaching Three Kids in a VW Bus

When we first hit the road, departing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to live the mobile tiny house lifestyle via a 27’ RV, it was myself, my girlfriend and my then 7-year old son, Tristan. He was going into the first grade, and I was going to be his teacher. I’d never been a teacher before, and knew as much about homeschooling as a puppy knows about table manners. In my head, [...]

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We are Jake & Kiva and we have been building our tiny house on wheels for over two years. Most people are stunned by how long it has taken us, since you often read stories of tiny houses being built in just a few months! But our journey has been anything but straight-forward. Our project began after we quit our jobs and moved away from the city, with dreams of an alternativ [...]

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10 Park Model Homes for Sale Right Now

Want the aesthetic appeal of a traditional home AND the ability to bring your house with you wherever your goals lead you in the decades to come? With a park model style tiny home, you can have exactly that. Unlike a recreational vehicle, or tiny houses on wheels designed to conform to roadworthy regulations, a park model home is meant to be transported occasionally. This appro [...]

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The Greenmoxie Tiny House

Greenmoxie was started as a green living blog about five years ago in a quaint little town called Warkworth, in Ontario Canada. In our pursuit of all things green, we thought building a tiny sustainable house would be something we needed to explore. In September 2015 we began drawing our plans for tiny house build. During the process we learned a lot about building envelopes, a [...]

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ESCAPE Vintage is a Classic, Affordable THOW

The ESCAPE brand of tiny homes are some of the most memorable. Forbes has even called the homes “the most beautiful Tiny Houses in the world.” The latest ESCAPE design, Vintage, is also the company’s most affordable. ESCAPE is also offering a special for the first 10 buyers of the Vintage. They will deliver the home to almost anywhere in the lower 48 states for only $99. [...]

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Cedar Mountain Tiny House Affordable Option from New Frontier

New Frontier Tiny Homes in Nashville has been making waves with their Alpha Tiny House. The $95,000 HGTV featured home is beautiful, but might be out of the financial range of most tiny home buyers. Luckily the company has a more affordable option. The custom Cedar Mountain Tiny House is $69,000. The Cedar Mountain Tiny House, a custom home by New Frontier might fit the [...]

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Jamboree Favorite: Wander Homes’ Prairie Schooner

During the Tiny House Jamboree I had the chance to visit nearly 50 tiny houses, but there was one in particular I kept coming back to over and over…and I couldn’t figure out why. The Prairie Schooner by Wander Homes in Lufkin, Texas was not particularly large or dynamic, but there was something about it that really appealed to me (and I think to the thousands of people who [...]

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