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Tiny House Roadshow

The next TINY HOUSE ROADSHOW will be held December 9-11 near ORLANDO  at the Osceloa Heritage Park in Kissimmee and we have 20 houses signed up to attend. This event is called the TINY HOUSE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! Hope you can be there too. This three day event will feature Exhibitors from across the nation showing the latest in tiny home construction, technology, and features [...]

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Off-Grid Cottage in Vermont

Most people think of tiny houses as those on wheels. There are however many other options out there. Here is one that someone sent me for sale in Vermont. An off-grid cottage that includes land. At $75,000 the price is very similar to a lot of higher end tiny houses on wheels. This Little Cottage sits off the grid on a quiet public road yet not far from town. Propane applian [...]

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Homesteading, Afro Latina Style, with Bonnielee and her Rooster

We first met Bonnielee at the Tiny House Jamboree and were pretty happy that she set aside some time this week to chat with us about her own personal journey to tiny house living with her son in the mountains of Tennessee. Armed with a journalism degree, a particularly keen sense of fashion, and an eye for beauty; she finally found her peace and place on 15 acres far from where [...]

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Drawn To The Liveaboard Lifestyle

He was new to the Puget Sound and real estate hunting had left him cold. Places in the city were too expensive and in the suburbs, only the cost felt right. On his first visit to our boat, he was fascinated by our life on board a 42’ powerboat on Lake Union in Seattle. "It's unusual and appealing," he observed. "We can no longer imagine life any other way." we replied. [...]

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Intimidated by building? Try a Tiny House Shell from Tiny House Basics

Does the thought of building your own tiny house make you more than a little nervous? Leave the most difficult part to the experts and purchase a tiny house shell from two builders who have already been through the process. Tiny House Basics sells 5 house shells in various lengths. Joshua and Shelley of Tiny House Basics in Northern California sell five shells in various [...]

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Tiny in a Box

Tiny in a box is the leading innovator in designing and building modular structures. We are located in Alabama, USA but can deliver worldwide. We can create any temporary or permanent structure including tiny homes and pop-up small business solutions. For more information about the Company and its new home developments please visit the Company's website at or [...]

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Portland’s Tiny Digs Tiny House Hotel

Portland, Ore. was the first city to open up a tiny house hotel with Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel. The city is expanding its options with a new tiny house hotel in the Kerns neighborhood in the SE part of town. Tiny Digs offers six tiny houses to choose from for nightly or extended stays. Tiny Digs is a new tiny house hotel in Portland's Kerns neighborhood. Each of the [...]

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The Greenmoxie Tiny House

Greenmoxie was started as a green living blog about five years ago in a quaint little town called Warkworth, in Ontario Canada. In our pursuit of all things green, we thought building a tiny sustainable house would be something we needed to explore. In September 2015 we began drawing our plans for tiny house build. During the process we learned a lot about building envelopes, a [...]

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