Tiny Floating Homes: WINTERLUDE

When Peter and I first moved aboard our 42′ sailboat back in October of 2013, we met another cruising couple that shall forever remain very near and dear to us. David and Jan were staying in the same marina where we bought our boat. They live aboard their 1985 Passport 37, Winterlude, spending half the year on land and half the year on the water which leads to the idea behind the name of their website: CommuterCruiser.com


Jan has written countless how-to articles and invaluable informational posts about the cruising lifestyle. We had been reading her posts long before we met them and gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about boat life from Commuter Cruiser. If you’re at all curious about the ins and outs of living on a boat, I highly recommend searching around the Commuter Cruiser website!

We had hardly any sailing experience before we bought Mary Christine so David and Jan kindly took us under their wing and showed us the basics. They went with us for a very memorable Maiden Voyage and helped us build the confidence we needed. Many boat owners end up staying at the dock for years before sailing off into the sunset but we knew we wanted to get out there as soon as possible. To this day, David and Jan are a huge part of the inspiration we needed to take a leap of faith and follow our dreams.

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The Pistacia Cottage A.D.U.

Pistacia Cottage

Shawn Dehner of The Small House Catalog says that a client released rights to a tiny A.D.U. that we’ve added to our free catalog.

It’s being built in California but could be modified for other climates. Shawn was also thinking a kitchen could be added in the “closet” area for the right owner.

I am hoping we can get photos of the completed project and have an update sometime in the near future.

It’s called the Pistacia Cottage and here are specifications:

  • Bedrooms: None
  • Bathrooms: 3/4
  • Closet: Yes
  • Kitchen: Possibly, closet space can be converted, as desired.
  • Ceiling height: 8′-0″
  • Overall dimensions including porch: 16′ wide x 19′
  • Foundation type: Concrete slab
  • Plan includes basic electrical and plumbing
  • Print size: 18″ x 24″
  • Immediate PDF download with license to build

You can download the plans here. http://www.thesmallhousecatalog.com/pistacia

renderingfloor plan

Smartphone Apps For Running Your Tiny House

According to the Nielsen group’s most recent Digital Consumer Report 65% of all Americans owned a Smartphone in 2013. Now that it is 2015 it seems logical that that number has increased considerably. And we all know with that sort of technological insurgence Apps are poised to respond and/or control a multitude of areas in our lives. With HD and high resolution cameras, Internet browsers, file storage, and a host of other things, smart phones are uniquely incredible devices even straight out of the box. Add to them an arsenal of Apps and your device can now manage your tiny home. We live in an age where appliances are “smart”, computer chips are in most everything, and a virtual conversation is taking place between them all via Wi-Fi. Here are a few ways to harness all of that and use your smartphone to control your tiny house.


Made by Phillips, the Hue lighting system employs state-of-the-art LED lighting to bring color to your world. The bulbs themselves deliver clear and crisp light in all shades of white as well as every color in the spectrum. They’re practical too. They dim. They flash. They pulse. And most importantly they screw straight into your current light fittings. Naturally. Continue reading

Jumping Creek Pottery Tiny Studio


By Chillia Zoll

What can I tell you about being a builder?  I can tell you that I love to toss numbers around in my head and figure out how to stretch lines into curves.  A stationary nail connected to a string and tied to a pencil sets an easy arc to any piece of wood.  This is usually how I start dreaming up rounded buildings and figuring out how wind, gravity, sunlight and snow will react.

Carpentry in Canada seems always to include late Falls in trenches, pouring concrete foundations.  Gravel slipping into my wet carpenter’s pouch, rusting my common nails, losing my drill bits, and ruining my tape measure.  Construction means numb fingers, blossoming pain tolerance and callused feelings. Continue reading

Eagle Log Cabins

Eagle Log Cabins seems to have more cabin designs than you can shake a stick at. The company, which has been in the cabin manufacturing business for 75 year, builds and sells their various cabin designs in both Europe and the U.S. and will deliver and install their buildings anywhere in North America.


The company sells larger residential cabins, but their smaller collections including the Cabana, Alpine, Sequoia, Clockhouse and the beautiful Peace Pod are making waves. The company even have their tiny Trailer Cabin on wheels that made its debut at the Portland Home and Garden Show. Eagle Log Cabins sells cabins from nine to over 20 feet wide in various configurations including backyard offices, personal sanctuaries and custom designs. Continue reading