Shopping with Intention


Black Friday, that ominous day of the year when hoards of shoppers descend upon malls across America. It is a celebration of consumerism and the holy search for best deals of the year. For many that means stress—long lines, arguments with other shoppers and even injuries. Literally shopping ‘til you drop. It makes me shudder just thinking about it all. This kind of consumerist frenzy showcases some of the worst elements of our more, more, more focused society, namely unhealthy shopping habits.

I used to be a somewhat compulsive & mindless shopper. One of my triggers, discount bins at the front of the store. Before I knew it, I spent ten dollars or more on things I didn’t need because it was a “good deal”. Many of us buy things we don’t really need or don’t even like that much. Shopping as a compulsive behavior, not a meaningful experience that it can be. Continue reading

Handcrafted Austrian Wohnwagon Cleans Water with Marsh Plants


Experimental from top to bottom, the Austrian Wohnwagon is one of the first tiny houses on wheels to come from the European country. The Wohnwagon (“living wagon” in German) is built from locally sourced Austrian woods and has sheep wool insulation, solar panels, a living roof and even a water circulation system that uses marsh plants to clean and re-use greywater. Continue reading

Monarch Tiny Homes Half/Half

Monarch HalfHalf

Patagonian kayak guide, John, just purchased a Half/Half from Monarch Tiny Homes. This model saves you time and money, efficiently propelling you to tiny-home living. “We build the first half” means the heavy lifting is done. “You finish the second half” means creative, custom interior design is in your hands.

  • In this video interview, John answers the questions to :
  • What made him choose to get into tiny house living?
  • What is he most excited to work on?
  • Why did he choose Monarch Tiny Homes?
  • Did he pay additional for electrical and other utilities?
  • Is he happy with the quality of the Half/Half?
  • What reactions has he had from friends and family?

Continue reading

Passive Solar Tiny House Design: Top 10 Tips

Be on top of your tiny house building game with these ten tips for passive solar tiny house design!

These top ten passive solar design tips will give you a good starting point in designing your own tiny house by using the sun to your advantage for both heating and cooling your home. Often these techniques are low-tech, energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

(Many of the houses mentioned in this article are located at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village. If you want to see them first hand, consider coming for a visit. You’ll be able to talk to several green builders, check out the houses they live in, and learn a lot about sustainable living in the process.) Continue reading

A Tiny House and a Barrel of Monkeys (and other zaniness)

tiny house podcast

This week Tiny House Podcast hosts Michelle, Mark and Perry chat with Trevor Gay and Mary Benasutti. They live in a tiny house located in a unique situation: on a rescued animal farm. With monkeys, raccoons, peacock, horses, opossum and a menagerie of cats, the show goes off the rails….fast!

You can also follow them on their blog at

Trevor and Mary