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Hosting a Dinner Party at Your Tiny Home

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Many people love the comfy and cozy space offered by a tiny home. These small properties are awesome, but some owners feel that there is a disadvantage when it comes to entertaining guests. However, you can still have the epic parties that you envision. You just need to be smart about preparation and set things up a bit differently.

If you are planning on having a dinner party or other big-time event in your tiny space, then we are here to help. We have tips on how you can make space, create more furniture, and invite guests to an indoor/outdoor hybrid party in your tiny home that is sure to be a hit.

Prepare Your Home and Clear the Clutter

Once your invitations have been sent and the date is set, you need to start preparing your tiny home for the big day by cleaning the inside and outside of the property. Before you start scrubbing, you need to clean the clutter from your tiny home so you can make as much room as possible for your guests. If there is anything you absolutely do not need, then consider renting storage space or using a friend’s house to store your things until after the party.

This is also a good opportunity to clear out a lot of unnecessary clutter for good. If you are like many people, then you may have boxes of old documents and paperwork lying around that are taking up precious space. If that is the case, then consider hiring a shredding service that can come to your home to destroy that unnecessary paperwork. You can also shred electronics, like old cell phones or computers, that you no longer use to make extra space.

When it comes to decorating your house for the party, you need to be smart about how much space you are taking in the process. Instead of having tables with decorations and centerpieces, focus on wall art, photos, and other thin decorations that will not inhibit your guests from getting around. String lights are perfect for improving the ambiance during seasonal activities in tiny homes.

Change How You Think About Furniture

If you plan to serve food to a bunch of guests, then you will need to be smart about seating in your tiny home. While you may have a few regular chairs, you’ll likely need to change your definition of a seat. This way, everyone has a space to sit when it comes time to eat. For instance, people can sit on footstools, benches, large pillows, and even objects like buckets and boxes. If you don’t have the space available for your guests to sit down the whole time, then set up a dance or bar area in one of the corners of your home.

The best option is to find a folding dining table that you can set up before the meal and fold up and store away once the dinner is complete. You can then put all the seats in a corner and spend the rest of the night mingling on foot. If you have anyone spending the night, then you can also invest in a folding bed that you can keep stored away until it is time for sleep.

Since you won’t have a lot of space for tables and large trays, you should consider purchasing and using a bar cart for your serving needs. Bar carts come in many shapes and sizes, and many are thin enough to work at your dinner party and take up minimal space. Many bar carts even have multiple shelves so you can store more items at once. When it comes to drinks and food, only prepare what is necessary for the number of guests so you aren’t taking up space with unnecessary dishes.

Have an Indoor/Outdoor Dinner Party

If the weather is right and you have a large gathering, then you can use some of your outside space to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. If it is warm, a few chairs and benches can provide plenty of space for everyone to sit under the stars and eat delicious food. If rain is expected, then you can set up a canopy and eat there to protect your guests against the elements.

When you are outside, you also have more room for decorations. You can set out a centerpiece for the outdoor table or put candles near each plate. You will also want to properly plan your meals for an outdoor environment. Consider family-style dishes that can be passed around the table. To avoid the potential of bugs landing on the food, wait until the last moment to bring the dishes outside and have coverings for any leftovers.

An outdoor party also gives you more options for entertaining after dinner has concluded. For instance, you could set up a fire pit and roast marshmallows or sit around as you reminisce on the good old days. After that, you can set up a screen and a projector and watch a movie that you all love. If it gets too chilly, then you can conclude the night by going back into your tiny home to have dessert.

As you can see, it is very possible to host a dinner party in your tiny house. You just need to plan accordingly and remember that there is no pressure. Just have fun. Consider these tips and host a dinner that your friends will remember forever.

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