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Build a Mortgage Eligible Tiny House

Atlas Cottage Home

Can you qualify for a standard mortgage with a tiny home?

Yes, according to Aubrie Gibbons the Communications Manager for the Atlas Group Ltd. With her six years of experience in data entry, customer service, real estate, and marketing roles to support the team and its goals. She is uniquely positioned to share the vision of Atlas Cottage Homes.

What is a cottage home?

Aubrie says Atlas cottages range in size from 600 square feet, to around 1200. The biggest difference between Atlas Cottage Homes and what most people think if of tiny houses are that they are not mobile. However, what you don’t have in mobility, you really get in security.

Atlas Cottage Homes are open to people visiting our factories and seeing how we’re able to put this kind of amazing product together.

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In This Episode:

How does one mortgage a tiny home?
The differences between a cottage and other tiny homes
All about the mortgage process
Modular does not mean low quality

Links and Resources:
Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA)

Aubrie Gibbons

Aubrie Gibbons

cottage being constructed

Atlas has two shops where their teams build the cottages

cottage being placed

Atlas Cottage Homes Ltd is a small company of about 50 employees

cottage living room

All of the cottages are on foundations instead of wheels

cottage kitchen area

Affordability is a primary focus, but luxury updates are definitely possible

cottage bedroom

Atlas Cottage Homes Ltd is a small company of about 50 employees

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