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Can You Live in a Tiny Home and Maintain Your Health?

Tiny home living has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are currently about 10,000 tiny houses in the United States. While many of them house individuals, some families even enjoy them!

There are many benefits to living in a tiny house — they’re less expensive, better for the environment, and easier to maintain. Tiny houses can also be great for your mental and emotional health. They encourage close relationships and simpler living, both of which can increase your overall happiness.

But what about your physical health? Can you still eat healthy, work out regularly, and take care of your body with such limited space?  Simply put, the answer is yes. But because of the lack of space and storage, you may have to get creative when it comes to maintaining your health on a daily basis.

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Maximizing Your Space

One of the best ways to stay healthy in a tiny house is to make the most of the space you have. Whether you’re trying to stick to a particular diet or a balance of healthy foods, maximizing your kitchen storage and making sure you’re utilizing your space effectively is essential.

By using things like magnets, cabinet dividers, and hooks inside your cupboards, you can stock your kitchen with a lot of cooking tools, healthy spices and seasonings, and everything else you need to prepare delicious and nutritious meals without a lot of space. Worried about storing fresh produce and lean meats? By organizing your cabinets, you can store the majority of your food there and make room in your refrigerator for perishable items.

Maintaining your health from the inside out is about more than what you eat. It’s also about taking care of things like your eyes, teeth, and skin. That means maximizing your bathroom space in order to have all of the tools and supplies you need for a healthy smile, strong vision, and clear, hydrated skin. Having those products on hand and readily available to you will make them easier to use on a regular basis.

You might be tempted to ignore a skincare routine because you don’t have room for a lot of supplies. Or, you might try to sleep in your contact lenses because you think you don’t have room for a case or lens solution. That can be dangerous and may cause irritation in your eyes. If you’re worried about space for these things, you can always store them in a spare drawer or utilize things like Velcro to stick them to the inside of cabinets.

Creativity is key when it comes to maximizing your storage space and open spaces for you to move around so you can cook, practice your daily routine in the bathroom, and get a workout in. We’ll cover the aspects of that in the next section.

Finding Ways to Work Out

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always just about getting 30 minutes of activity to meet goals. Sometimes, it’s necessary in order to stave off conditions such as high blood pressure or hypertension. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need the ability to work out in your tiny home. But it’s unlikely that you’ll have room for large exercise equipment like a treadmill. Again, it’s important to get creative.

Adding variety to your workouts is actually a good thing that can keep your body guessing and will help to keep you from plateauing when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. If you’re really into fitness, you can include certain design elements into your tiny home, like interior/exterior ladders for climbing.

If you need all the extra space you can get, be smart about storage. Instead of buying a weight bench with large barbells, invest in a smaller set of dumbells and store them away somewhere. Resistance bands can give you a great workout, take up almost no space, and can be used anywhere. If you want a more “gym-like” experience or need more motivation while you’re working out, stream your favorite workout playlist from your mobile device. Keep in mind that the gym experience doesn’t have to remain inside your home; you can take it outside too.

That’s actually another great advantage of tiny home living. Many people build their homes in rural areas. If you have a home on wheels, you can live anywhere you’d like! When you’re surrounded by nature, your workout opportunities are endless. Take a hike through a nature trail, or use the outside of your home to do exercises like standing push-ups. Utilizing what you have and where you are will make a big difference in how good your workout will be.

Of course, don’t forget to stretch and hydrate after your workout! Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of space to recover from strenuous exercise.

Whether you want to work out, eat healthily, take care of your skin, or just maintain an overall sense of well-being, you can absolutely feel your best in a tiny home with a few small adjustments and some creativity.

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