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September 25, 2019

Leney Lives In Her Car To Pursue Her Life On The Road

Leney is a very unique tiny home dweller. Not only does she follow her passion for her own style of journalism, but she also gains a mobile income from thrifting vintage clothing. Not every tiny home on wheels has to be big to be home, it only has to provide for the dweller that lives within.

Here is Lenney’s intro from her website.

My name is Leney. I am a nomadic photojournalist, writer and artist. I feel most at home on The Road in my car Blue Moon.

I am driven by the diversity and dualities within my own life as well as others and how to share that through the story of my various art forms

Because we are all made of stories. My current pursuit is learning how to rewild my life. I live simply so that I am able to pursue that which I find meaningful in the world.

My favorite place to be is somewhere I’ve never been.

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