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September 23, 2019

EscapeSpace: Handcrafted Shells Under $20,000

The Escape name is synonymous with beautiful tiny houses. Their simple, but stylish spaces reference the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and offer elegant living options in mobile buildings that are under 400 square feet.

Escape now has smaller EscapeSpace “pods” available in three models.

While the Escape designs are amazing, they do hover over the $100,000 mark, making them less attainable than other tiny homes. That has now changed with the introduction of the EscapeSpace models.

The interiors can be converted into guest houses, offices or workout spaces.

Electrical is included. Bathrooms and plumbing can be added.

The EscapeSpace designs are smaller, handcrafted shells that can be made into anything you want. They can be a backyard guest house, yoga and workout space, gallery, home office or a tiny house for a single person. All the models cost under $20,000 and can be ordered online. They are delivered as a plug and play building with no foundation needed.

The MA model is inspired by Japanese design.

The three models include the Studio which starts at $11,900 for a 12 foot size, the MA which starts at $12,800, and the Classic for $13,950. Sixteen foot sizes are also available of each model. Each model comes with 12 volt lighting and both plumbing and solar hookups can be added.

The Classic can be turned into a basic tiny house or guest space.

The Studio is a contemporary, empty room with a small front porch (and protected little bench with storage). It’s an empty shell with plenty of windows that can be turned into a variety of rooms. The MA is a Japanese-inspired design with a wall full of windows. The Classic looks more like a traditional tiny house with a traditional roof and front porch. A tiny kitchen and bed can also be added.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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