Bringing a Tiny Human to Your Tiny Home: How to Prepare for a New Baby

It’s a common misconception that tiny homes are for single people, couples, or empty nesters looking to downsize. The reality is, tiny home living can suit almost any lifestyle – even if you want to start a family.

If you’re considering having a baby, you don’t need the three-bedroom Colonial in the suburbs to make it work. Raising a little one in a tiny home can be a fantastic way to teach them how to live a minimalistic lifestyle and appreciate nature.

With a bit of planning, preparation, and organization, it’s easy to prepare your tiny home for a new baby without feeling cramped. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to prepare, and some habits you can start putting into practice now that will make life easier for everyone when your baby arrives.

Making Sure You Have the Care You Need

There’s no question that having a baby – and the months leading up to your delivery – can be a bit stressful. That’s true even if you live in a mansion. However, because so many tiny homes are in rural areas, you might worry about how far away you are from your OBGYN.

Thankfully, telehealth has bridged that gap. While there are certain things you’ll obviously need to see your doctor in person for, you might be able to video chat with your OGBYN if you have a question or concern, or if you want to follow up with postpartum care.

Utilizing technology is a fantastic way to feel more comfortable throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born. You might even want to start researching pediatricians that allow telehealth visits. It’s perfectly normal to have questions or concerns about your newborn — especially if it’s your first child. Being able to contact their pediatrician frequently without having to travel a long distance will take away a lot of stress and offer you peace of mind.

Adopting a Minimalist Mindset

When you decide to bring a tiny human into your tiny home, you’re not just bringing a human.

You’re bringing all of the “stuff” that comes with them. There are some basic supplies that all babies need, including things like:

  • Diapers
  • Feeding gear
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Linens/bedding
  • Travel gear

Even if you try to keep your purchases minimal, it’s normal for people to want to buy things for their little one. You might have a baby shower and end up getting a lot of items that end up taking up precious space in your tiny home. So, what can you do to make sure your baby is prepared with the essentials without creating too much clutter?

First, use compact versions of things whenever possible. Things like a collapsable bathtub and a mini crib are great ways to meet your child’s needs without taking up too much space. Plus, compact items – especially those that can collapse easily – are much simpler to store.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your storage solutions. Maximize your space with floating shelves, storage under the stairs, and multi-functional furniture that contains storage compartments.

If you’re starting to feel a little cramped in your home, spend as much time as possible outside with your baby. Almost everyone can benefit from being outdoors — including little ones! Being outside can help to boost a baby’s immune system while making it easier to manage your stress. Plus, bringing your children outside from an early age fosters curiosity and a love of nature. Newborns who spend time outside even often have an easier time sleeping at night.

Have a Designated “Baby Space”

No matter how minimalistic you want to get, you’re going to need to baby-proof your home in some ways – especially as your little one starts to crawl. Things like baby gates, outlet covers, and cabinet locks are just a few things that are often necessary to keep your baby protected.

However, if you don’t have a lot of space for things like gates and locks, consider having a designated area for your baby, so you don’t have to baby-proof the entire house. Obviously, you’re not going to limit your baby to one room. However, if you have one secure space that allows them to play and roam freely without too much worry, you’ll feel a lot better about their safety and won’t have to clutter up your home with baby-proofing gear.

Try to choose an area close to the kitchen or bathroom so you can keep an eye on your child and know they’re safe while you’re preparing dinner or taking a quick shower.

There’s no reason you can’t grow your family while living in a tiny home. With a little preparation and a few clever organizational ideas, you can foster a cozy, comforting, relaxing space for your new “tiny human,” and enjoy every second of being a new parent in your ideal home.

Image Source: Unsplash

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