Tips for Tiny House Living While Pregnant

Living in a tiny house requires planning, discipline, and a lot of thought. Living in a tiny house while pregnant requires even more of those things. When you’re pregnant, you want things to be as easy, safe, and comfortable as possible.

Luckily, with a few tips, you can make your tiny house the perfect place to carry your pregnancy to term and thrive with your baby after you deliver. By thinking through your space, baby-proofing your living area, organizing, and having a plan, your concerns about being pregnant while living in a tiny house will be a thing of the past.

Space Planning & Pregnancy Planning

Thoroughly thinking through the space in your tiny house and how you will navigate it while pregnant is of the utmost importance. Since tiny houses often utilize lofts, tight spaces, ladders, and fold-out features, thriving in these spaces could become challenging when you’re at the peak of your pregnancy.

Start by going through step by step and asking yourself a few key questions:

  • Will you have enough space to turn around in the bathroom?
  • Will your sleeping space be accessible if mobility becomes an issue?
  • Does your current layout present any hazards that could lead to a slip and fall?

Because of the huge importance of prenatal care, you want to be able to focus on cultivating healthy habits like getting plenty of sleep, water, and nutritious food — not on worrying about how you’re going to manage to climb the ladder up to your sleeping loft at night. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, you want to make sure your stresses are as few as possible and that you have a comfortable, organized, and inviting place in which to relax.

If you do have concerns about navigating your tiny house while pregnant, make any necessary changes ahead of time so as to avoid extra work and stress while pregnant. It is possible to have a baby in a tiny house and thrive while doing so. The first step is simply to think through your space thoroughly and make small alterations that could help make you more comfortable.

Baby-Proof Your Tiny House

Once you feel comfortable that you’ll be able to successfully navigate your tiny house while pregnant, it’s time to make sure your baby will be able to safely do the same.

Baby-proofing your tiny house is essential. Because tiny homes often cram a lot into a little space, there will likely be a lot at your toddler’s fingertips. Making sure that they can only get ahold of safe things will be extremely important.

Your baby-proofing checklist should include the following:

  • Put up baby gates at the top and bottom of any stairs or landings.
  • Use bumpers to cover up any sharp corners or edges on counters, tables, etc.
  • Make sure cupboards and doors have child-proof locks or stoppers to prevent your baby from getting into things they shouldn’t.
  • Ensure your furniture, rugs, and mats won’t slip and slide if the baby pushes or climbs on them.
  • Be aware of hanging items that your baby could pull on, like tablecloths, lamp cords, blinds, and more.
  • Organize and secure any wires or cables to get them safely out of the way.
  • Be aware of any product recalls or objects that may pose a threat to your baby. What you think might be safe and beneficial to your infant may actually be not.

Making your way through this checklist to prepare your tiny house for a new baby will help ensure that safety is a priority. When living in a tiny house with a kid, organization is key, so you’ll be glad you thoroughly went through this list ahead of time.

At this point in the process, you’ll probably be grateful that you aren’t baby proofing and entire four-bedroom house with a garage. There are actually many reasons why living in a tiny house with a baby can be easier than conventional living, and this is one of them. Having less space to begin with means less space to organize and baby proof.

Organize and Have a Plan

Before your baby comes, you’ll want to be sure that your tiny home is as clean and orderly as possible and that organization is relatively easy to maintain. Are all the baby items you’ll need accessible? Do you know where everything is kept and stored?

This is important for you during your pregnancy as well. Is your space comfortable, accessible, and safe for you? You’ll want to have a plan for when the baby comes and know where you will change them, where they will play, how you will bathe them, and more.

You can manage your pregnancy and life with a baby in a tiny house with a bit of forethought and planning. Organizing and having a plan will help hugely when your baby comes and things get chaotic. Your baby will grow up in a unique setting that will shape the way they choose to live in the future. Just think through your space, baby-proof your tiny home, and stick to a plan.

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