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Airbnb’s Backyard Tiny Homes Come to California

Samara Backyard

The popularity of accessory dwelling units in California due to SB 9 has become a baseline for the rest of the nation. These tiny backyard houses are helping to fill a need in the low housing stock and the rest of the country is taking notice.

ADUs on single-family properties are allowed in California due to SB 9.

Samara Backyard

Photos by Samara

One person who understands the value of adding extra housing is Joe Gebbia. This former co-founder of Airbnb has a new company that is building ADUs in the backyards of California homes.

Samara, founded by Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia, builds and installs the Backyard tiny home.

Samara Backyard

His design company, Samara, currently has one model available named Backyard. Backyard comes in two sizes. The studio (350 square feet) starts at $289,000 and the one bedroom (450 square feet) starts at $329,000. The little homes are constructed in a factory and then placed onto the approved property via a crane.

The Backyard comes in two sizes: studio and one-bedroom.

Samara Backyard

Backyard homes are made from light-gauge steel frames and 2-inch insulated panels with a Galvalume steel roof. The homes are ready for the California sun with a 7-panel, 2.5 kW DC photovoltaic system with an opportunity to upgrade.

The homes feature light and airy interiors and can be powered via solar.

Samara Backyard

Samara Backyard

Interiors includes custom steel cabinetry in the kitchen, hardwood floors, an induction cooktop, cast iron shower, low-flow toilet, and an all-in-one washer/dryer. Other amenities include custom wardrobes and bathroom storage.

Interior details include hardwood floors and cast iron walk-in shower.

Samara Backyard

Samara Backyard

While Backyard is only currently available in California, the company does offer financing and takes care of the permitting process. Samara is also looking for additional markets around the country.

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By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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High price points though for the Samara designs.

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