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September 16, 2020

5 Ways To Test Out Tiny House Living

When you are seriously thinking of downsizing to a tiny house it is very important that you test it out for a week or two at a minimum before making a large commitment. The following are five suggestions for giving tiny house living a test drive.

1. Tape out your tiny house on your floor in your current home.

Yes, get some blue painters tape and measure out the size of tiny house you think you would like to live in. You might be able to do this in your living room or maybe in your garage. You need to tape out the walls. Where the kitchen will be, the appliances, the bathroom. Where you will store your clothes and where you plan to sleep. If you need ideas I highly recommend my friend Michael Janzen’s book called Tiny House Floor Plans available here through my Amazon link.  Michael’s book has over 200-floor plans to play with.

Once you have your design laid out you will want to try living in it for a week or two. Set up your bed (air mattress), if you have a portable toilet use it. Set up your camp kitchen. You want to really see what it is like to live in that size of space.

2. Visit a tiny home by finding a local builder or someone with a tiny house for sale.

Start by searching your local area via Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. If you don’t see anything the best resource to search around the country is TinyHouseListings.com. You can search by state and town. Find a local builder or someone selling a home and ask to come to look it over. In most cases, you won’t be able to stay in this home (unless you are a serious buyer) but you can get the feel of the actual size. Storage space, sleeping area etc.

Tiny houses always seem bigger in pictures so it is important to truly get the idea of size. You want your things to fit and you don’t want to feel claustrophobic.

3. Rent an Airbnb tiny house or cabin and stay at least a week.

Airbnb’s and other vacation rentals often offer tiny houses or cabins. Do a search in an area you would like to vacation or somewhere near home where you can test out a cabin or tiny house that is similar to what you would like to live in. There are also several tiny house hotels across the country and this makes it easy to see several options at one time.

Quite a few tiny house owners may either rent their own homes on Airbnb or have added additional ones to their property as a way to generate income. You can learn from these people what tiny house living is all about and also experience it at the same time.

Spending money on a rental to test it out is a much better idea than purchasing a home and then finding out tiny house living is not for you.

4. Rent an RV and go on a road trip.

An RV is often used as a tiny house and are easily available to rent in many places across the country. I highly recommend Outdoorzy and you can use my affiliate link to check them out. I suggest renting one for a vacation of a week or two. Find one of similar size that you think you want to live in and take a vacation. See what it is like living tiny for a long period of time and how much space is available.

Again similar to renting an Airbnb or cabin there is an expense to try it out. However, it is better to be sure than to spend thousands of dollars and find out it was the wrong choice.

5. Live in a Tent

Yes, go camping, rent, or purchase a large tent that is similar in size to what you plan to live in. Find a neat camping spot and spend a week or two roughing it. Or find a cool Glamping vacation rental with all the bells and whistles. Many options such as yurts, large canvas tents on a platform with bathroom, and light cooking capabilities are out there just waiting for you to experience tiny living.

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Carol Corsell - September 17, 2020 Reply

I have a Tumbleweed tiny home that I rent in Louisville, Colorado. How do I get on your listings?
I currently only rent through Airbnb, but am interested in other venues.


    Kent Griswold - September 17, 2020 Reply

    Please contact Tiny House Listings at https://tinyhouselistings.com/. I don’t have an official listing site here at the Tiny House Blog.

Marlyn - September 20, 2020 Reply

Another way to ‘experience’ Tiny House Living is to spend time on a boat or floating home. There are opportunities around the country. Tiny House living and boat living are “lifestyle choices” rather than just “places to live choices”. As a liveaboard in a 42’x15′ space it’s offered an interesting dimension of life that I never felt in a neighborhood in the suburbs or in apartment living. It has also let me focus on the activities of my life rather than major work in maintaining where I live. If you happen to be drawn to the water, consider that a boat is a tiny home too and can often be purchased as reasonably.

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