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September 17, 2020

Jay Leopold and Steel Framed vs. SIPs

Ethan says that it has been a while since he has discussed steel framing on the podcast. He decided to invite Jay Leopold to the show today.

Jay is the chief engineer and designer at ThinHaus, which exclusively builds steel framed tiny homes.

In this conversation, Ethan and Jay talk over Steel Framing vs. SIPs. They also talk about the building envelope requirements for a steel-framed home and take a deep dive into certifications.

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In This Episode:

  • Is the process for building with steel different than building with another material?
  • The difference that two feet can make
  • Jay explains the “poplar sandwich” sheathing and insulation methods
  • Uses and benefits of diatomaceous earth
  • Will a steel frame interfere with the internet and radio?
  • Two problems with SIPs
  • How RVIA and NOAA certifications work for a builder
  • Advice about talking with zoning officials
  • How much does it cost to move to a tiny house?
  • Should you build your own tiny house, have a builder, or both?
  • Composting or flush toilets?
  • The scoop on solar

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John-Michael Mahnke - September 17, 2020 Reply

These houses are sure a way to go these days Many people are living in them, the only thing they tend to be too small, but the thing of the future.

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