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Tiny House Reality

If you are just starting to check out tiny homes and want to explore them even more, this just might give you the best “peeks” into tiny houses and the reality of tiny house living.

If you still have not been inside a tiny house, a tour is next on your list. In this issue Laura Lavoie discusses the best ways to plan for and ask for a tiny house tour for both private homes and from tiny home builders.

Once you have decided to get your own tiny home, the tiny house investment story by Marek and Ko Bush will inspire you to look beyond living in a small space. The Airbnb host tips from MJ Boyle will further expand your interest in maybe becoming a tiny house host.

Living tiny requires decluttering and sometimes extreme downsizing. Dustin and Noami Grevemberg downsized from 1,500 square feet to living in a van. They share five minimalist habits that make it easier to downsize and stay small on a regular basis.

The ultimate reality is that even an ideal tiny life can change in an instant. This is told with heart and hope by Nicolette Cascione in her story about her and her partner’s choice between their new tiny home and a greater future.

Issue 93 – September 2020 CLICK HERE

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Container Home Brings High-end Functions to Tiny Prefab Market
  • 3 Profitable Ways To Make Money With Tiny Houses
  • Book Excerpt – Building Your Tiny House Dream
  • When Life Has Different Plans
  • The Right And Wrong Ways To Ask For A Tiny House Tour
  • Converting a shed to a tiny house during a Pandemic
  • On The Cover – Sunshine Tiny Homes
  • Behind Closed Doors – a woman, a chain, and a sliding rear window
  • Slowing Down – Auto enthusiast reigns in life in a tiny Scamp trailer
  • To Pursue Minimalism, Change the Questions You Ask
  • Helpful Household Handbooks – a must have for all hosts
  • 5 Minimalist Habits I Learned From Living In A Van
  • Two 20ft Shipping Container with 300 square feet of living space.
  • What My Father Built
  • Last Call Perch & Nest

A few pages from this month’s magazine.

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