Freedom from the Matrix with Brad Kittel

Driven by loss and a deep-seated desire to educate us all about waste and environmental hazards of irresponsible living, this week, Brad Kittel from Tiny Texas Houses shares his story. Tune in to hear how Pure Salvage Living got it’s start, about his not-so-tiny salvage outpost in Texas where you can find enough materials to build 100 tiny houses, about rat shit, bat shit and pigeon shit; and how to create American jobs out of trash. Brad is, of course, most well known for his artistic and awe inspiring organic cottages made from 99% salvage materials. We will always remember him as the guy who now holds the record for the most words ever spoken on our podcast. Give your active listening skills a workout and get settled for the Salvage ride of your life!

See more photos and read the cliff notes here.

Brad Kittel

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