5 Tiny Homes for Sale in Amazing Places You Can Buy Now

One of the cool things about the tiny house movement is that our community is working worldwide to show off how awesome downsizing can be. Check out these small homes in amazing places around the United States.

1. Morel, the Sustainable Tiny Cottage


Price: $32,500
Square Footage: 250
Location: Rutledge, Missouri


Morel is an excellent tiny house for someone wishing to live a self-reliant and ecologically sustainable lifestyle. The house has an open floor plan finished in yellow plaster and natural wood. A substantial greenhouse is attached to the south-facing wall, adorned with gorgeous stained-glass windows.


You’ll have a complete kitchen, with running water from a 700-gallon cistern that feeds both a hammered copper sink and a high-tech Berkey water filter. A snazzy refrigerator and chest freezer set, gas powered princess stove and plenty of dry storage space completes the ensemble. The house is designed to rely on a composting toilet, and shower facilities are shared by community members just a short walk away.


Rural Missouri might not sound like an amazing place, but it is if you’re living at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village. We’re a village of around 50 people of all ages who have chosen to come together in order to live our lives more sustainably, while helping the world prepare for the effects of anthropogenic climate disruption, (global warming). There are more than a dozen tiny houses of different styles here, ranging from the modern and energy efficient to the lowest of low-tech natural structures built with straw and clay.

We share four vehicles among ourselves, and split the costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance to reduce our carbon footprints while ensuring that everyone has access to reliable transportation. We share common kitchens, dining areas, bathing facilities and much more, which means that we don’t each have to pay to build and maintain fifty carbon copies of the same ticky-tacky things. We have 180 acres of beautiful land, with lovely flowering meadows and woodlands filled with mushrooms and wild animals. Of course, there’s also our gorgeous swimming pond, where anyone can go for a refreshing dip on a hot summer day, or for a game of broom ball when it’s frozen over in winter.


The best part, for me, is that we each know all of our neighbors well enough to have meaningful conversations. We share potluck meals each week, along with song circles, bonfires and regular Frisbee games. Our kids are free to run and play outdoors without the fear of being run over by cars, and many of us spend a lot of time hiking through the land. Gardens are plentiful, and if you play your cards right, you might even get to hold a baby goat once in a while. By the way, there are several other tiny houses available to buy here as well.  Also, if you’re curious what it might cost for you to actually live in a tiny house, make sure to review this detailed article that includes a point-by-point breakdown of what a person’s monthly expenses are likely to be while living in our community.


If you like this sort of thing, I’d like to invite you to spend some time with us soon. All you have to do is check out this link to our visitor program. We’d love to meet you and share our sustainable tiny house dreams with you and your family.

2. The Kalapana Gardens Tiny House in Hawaii


Price: $72,500
Square Footage: 500
Location: Kalapana Gardens, Hawaii


If your dream is to live on a warm, tropical island with the beach and the roaring surf not far away, this this off-grid home on the Big Island could be perfect for you. It’s designed to be fully functional off-grid, and comes with a solar array to supply all of your kitchen appliances and other electronics – you’ll even have access to high speed internet and great cell phone service.


While the home is located no far from an active volcano, (which I think is pretty cool in and of itself,) there is minimal danger of the home be swallowed whole by molten lava, because of how the home has been sited. You’ll have a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the surrounding verdant hills watered by frequent rains. Just twenty minutes away, you can go surfing or snorkeling, and there’s a small black sand beach about a mile away along with spectacular cliffs.


Both levels of the home have wrap-around decks for outdoor sleeping, or for those parties you’ve been dying to have with all of your friends. Additionally, there is a small tiny house community forming nearby made up of retirees, young families and vacationers. According to the seller, property taxes are a measly $25 a year, and there’s no HOA to muck about with. Considering we’re talking about HAWAII here, this deal sounds almost too good to be true. You’d better snap up the tropical gem while you still can.

3. The Mule Creek Secluded Cabin in the Desert


Price: $115,000
Square Footage: 300 + 150, two structures
Location: Mule Creek, New Mexico

Mule 3

Designed by an owner-builder for the desert lover, this 5.3 acre compound in the mountains of New Mexico has not just one, but two tiny homes for you and your family or guests. Within sight of the Gila Nation Forest, you’ll have access to plenty of beautiful hiking, wildlife watching and miles and miles of the austere beauty of the American southwest.

Mule 4

The home is fully functional off-grid, and the main structure has a wraparound deck for cool, outdoor sleeping, and to ensure that you always have a shady place to relax during the day. The smaller structure is a self-contained bathhouse. Both elements of the homestead are beautifully crafted in wood, including the cabinetry.

Mule 5

You’ll have a self-contained water catchment system with an on-demand water heater, capable of holding plenty of water for your domestic needs as well as your garden, which will be private and fenced. Everything is accessible by a well-maintained gravel road, which you can use to travel for shopping or supplies about an hour away. Anyone who wants to live the secluded homesteader life will love this little home in the desert.

4. The Alaskan Retreat in the Snowy North

alaska 1

Price: $39,000
Square Footage: 288
Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska 2

In the frigid mountains of Anchorage Alaska, a family of five has been living comfortably year round in this beautiful tiny mobile home designed to laugh at even the bitterest cold. Water lines run inside the home so that they will never freeze in winter, and the energy recovery ventilation ensures that you lose a minimum of heat while keeping air fresh and moisture-free to prevent mold growth inside the home.

alaska 3

There’s an eight-foot long wooden butcher block in the kitchen, along with all of the modern appliances you’re likely to expect. A 50-gallon water tank and on-demand water heater will meet your domestic water needs, and a 50 amp electrical hookup will keep all of your gadgets and gizmos running for you, along with radiant subfloor heating to keep you warm.

alaska 4

Though it is designed to operate as a house on wheels, in the event that you want to live the nomadic, snowbird lifestyle, it can also be removed from the attached trailer and set on a permanent foundation on the homesteading site of your dreams. The house is street-legal and registered with the DMV.

5. The Appalachian Hunter’s Lodge


Price: $89,000
Square Footage: 480
Location: Purgitsville, West Virginia


Deep in the wild woods of the Appalachian mountain range, this tiny cabin is set on 6.24 acres. Hundreds of species of tree, wildflower and woodland creatures will keep any nature-lover well entertained, and hunting is available on the property throughout the year, as well as in the surrounding area.


Two structures are set on the homestead and are well-provided for with water and electricity. The current owners have even worked remotely from this location, online for the last ten years, so you can rest assured that living in the countryside will not deprive you of the conveniences of modern life. You’ll also be just two hours from Washington DC, and you’ll be able to travel on well-maintained roads that are plowed in the winter season.

Perhaps the best part about this property is the spa, where you can chillax and multi-slack during your leisure time. There will also be amble opportunity for hiking, camping, and water sports on the nearby South Branch River.


Don’t worry if none of these houses inspire you, because the world is full of amazing places and there are tiny houses available for sale right now in any place you might want to live. To find them, all you have to do is checkout Tiny House Listings and spend a little time searching for the little home of your dreams.

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Shaun - September 6, 2016 Reply

I love the Kalapana Gardens Tiny House in Hawaii! Seriously, what more would you need in this slice of paradise!

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The place in Purgitsville, West Virginia looks epic! Nothing better than getting away and finding a nice secluded place to just disconnect and re-energize your mind and body. Need to find myself something like this…

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